Pocket-friendly food packages

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If you have any questions about this policy or our use of cookies, please contact us. Our Products. At ePac, it's important that we help brands like yours make informed decisions when it comes to finding the right eco-friendly packaging.

Let us help your brand fulfill its sustainability goals and lessen its carbon footprint by choosing from our sustainable packaging product line. sustainable packaging options. Learn More. high-quality sustainable packaging Fulfill your sustainability initiatives without sacrificing quality.

What makes our sustainable packaging different? What are some pouch options? What types of film structures does ePac offer? All of our films are FDA-compliant for direct food contact.

Do your sustainable films perform as well as your regular films? Can you assist me with labeling my packaging correctly? Shop a complete line of bakery boxes, bakery clamshells, and many other items.

Compostable bakery packaging supplies are compostable in commercial and municipal facilities, which may not be available in all areas. Customers are expecting bakeries, coffee shops, and restaurants to stop using single-use plastic products.

Compostable bakery packaging made from plants is a good step towards meeting the sustainability goals your customers expect. These products are made from annually renewable materials such as corn and sugarcane, which means that they are more eco-friendly than traditional plastic packaging.

In addition, compostable bakery packaging can be composted at commercial and municipal facilities, which may not be available in all areas.

Most bakery containers are not biodegradable. Certain plastic containers can be recycled depending on the material. Compostable bakery packaging from Green Paper Products can be composted in commercial and municipal composting facilities. Green Paper Products offers a wide range of bakery packaging and containers, with bulk pricing and online shipping.

Shop By Industry Bakeries. Shop By Industry. Filter: Clear. Brand EarthChoice® 3. EcoSafe® 1. Fineline® 5. Good Natured Products® Ideal for dry food and tea. Paddy Straw Trays - TIPA offers compostable Paddy Straw Trays that serve as a versatile and durable, environmentally friendly alternative to traditional plastic packaging for fruits, vegetables, and even hot meals.

These trays are crafted from renewable materials — rice plantation waste — which adds another sustainable dimension to the product.

The compostable packaging can be conveniently disposed of with paper waste or placed in a home or industrial compost bin. Additionally, Compostable Lidding Laminates , designed to ensure optimal food protection, can be added to the trays.

Bar Wrapper : High-quality flow-wrap pouches with a horizontal fin or lap seal and durable seals on both ends, designed for wrapping food bars. Net Packaging : Offering visibility and protection, this packaging provides a practical and reliable, eco-friendly alternative for packing fruits and vegetables.

Made from cellulose fiber, this sustainable produce packaging has a soft grip and is available in 12 colors. Zipper Bag : Maintain shelf-impact while protecting delicate items with a reusable zip-lock bag. These zipper bags are made from highly transparent, lightweight, durable, and printable single-ply home compostable film with a certified home compostable zipper.

Additionally, they can feature bottom gussets and tear notch holes. From local small or medium food brands to to large-scale food packaging manufacturers, a wide range of businesses can benefit from adopting eco-friendly food packaging:. By choosing sustainable packaging solutions, businesses contribute to reducing plastic waste and protecting the planet.

All products. Fresh Produce. Dry Food. Baked Goods. Transparent Films and Laminates. Metalized Laminates. Colored Films.

Pre-made packaging. Ready-to-pack bags and pouches. Success Stories.

“Inexpensive Food Packaging Ideas for Startups” · Screen Printing Packaging · Poly Pouch With Sticker · Opt For Eco-Friendly Labeling · Corrugated Boxes With We put our whole hearts into making sustainable food packaging from up to 99% plant-based materials. Ready to kick fossil fuels to the curb? Dinnerly is the affordable meal delivery service on the market. Open the door to unfussy, affordable weeknight cooking

Pocket-friendly food packages - Shop eco-friendly food packaging like containers, pizza boxes, bags, & more! WebstaurantStore has fast shipping & wholesale pricing on disposables! “Inexpensive Food Packaging Ideas for Startups” · Screen Printing Packaging · Poly Pouch With Sticker · Opt For Eco-Friendly Labeling · Corrugated Boxes With We put our whole hearts into making sustainable food packaging from up to 99% plant-based materials. Ready to kick fossil fuels to the curb? Dinnerly is the affordable meal delivery service on the market. Open the door to unfussy, affordable weeknight cooking

Macaron Bags. Cone Bags. Printed Warning Bags. Retail Packs. Crystal Clear Boxes. Cupcake Boxes. Macaron Boxes. Artisan Boxes. Nested Boxes.

Soft Folding Boxes. Value Boxes. Blister Trays. Handle Boxes. Pillow Boxes. Shaped Boxes. Clamshell Boxes. Decorative Top Boxes. Shop All Bags. Custom Bags. Shop by Size. Food Safe Bags. Cookie Bags. Cello Bags. Mylar Bags.

Locking Pouches. High Clarity Pouches. Standard Clear Pouches. Translucent Pouches. Color Backed Pouches. Metallized Pouches. Kraft Pouches. Window Pouches. Compostable Pouches. Degassing Valve Pouches. Child Resistant Pouches. Self Fastener Pouches.

Shaped Pouches. Child Resistant. Home Compostable Pouches. High Barrier Zipper Bags. Single Use. Flat Bottom Bags. Eco Gusset Bags. Crystal Clear Gusset Bags. Poly Gusset Bags. Printed Gusset Bags. Kraft Bread Bags. Smell Proof Bags. Smell Proof Child Resistant Bags. Dispensary Bags. Heat Seal Bags.

Plastic Bags. Paper Bags. Value Bags. Laminated Bags. Premium Bags. Frosted Bags. Suffocation Warning Bags.

Insertable Header Bags. Poly Bags. Micro-Perforated Bags. Polyethylene Zipper Bags. Polypropylene Zipper Bags. White Block Zipper Bags. Sliding Zipper Bags. Value Heat Seal Bags.

Laminated Heat Seal Bags. Metallized Heat Seal Bags. Kraft Heat Seal Bags. Eco Heat Seal Bags. Handle Bags. Carry Out Bags. Shopping Bags. Produce Bags. Gift Bags. Specialized Bags. Door Knob. Newspaper Bags. Greaseproof Bags. Static Shielding.

Tropical Fish. Poly Mailers. Shop All Boxes. Food Safe Boxes. Greeting Card Boxes. Display Boxes. Wax Melts Boxes. Iridescent Boxes.

Food Safe Sets. Artisan Candy. Truffle Boxes. Candy Tackle Box Sets. Macaron Box Sets. Cupcake Box Sets. Nested Box Sets. Decorative Boxes. Boxes with Decorative Tops. Wine Boxes. Candy Apple. Clear Tubes. Kraft Tubes. Clear Pillow Boxes. Kraft Pillow Boxes. Frosted Pillow Boxes.

Embossed Pillow Boxes. Die cutting uses sharp tools to precisely cut into materials like cardboard and foam board, allowing businesses to create intricate and unique shapes from their packaging products. This method allows startups to package food easily and cost-effectively while simultaneously drawing customers in with creative visuals.

Box with die cut packaging allows startups to stand apart from competitors without burning a hole in their pocket! Recycled materials are eco-friendly and convey to customers that your company cares about sustainable practices.

Recycled material packaging can come in many forms, including glass jars and bottles, plastic boxes, cartons, and more — with all these items readily available at most major retailers. Startups have a lot of expenses to manage, and keeping food packaging and labeling costs down is key.

Investing in a custom stamp is an easy, inexpensive way to make your labels quickly without worrying about ordering custom prints each time. A custom stamp provides the same professional quality look as customized artwork but at a fraction of the price. There are a variety of inexpensive food packaging ideas for startups.

Good luck! Need a hand keeping costs down at your food business? Click here to get in touch with the greater goods, and book a complimentary consultation today.

First Name. Last Name. What day s do you prefer? Check out these Sugar Cane fiber, corrugated clamshell boxes! This new line provides durability and strength while saving the Earth, one box at a time! Compostable bowls that are made using sugarcane or bamboo fiber - lids for these products may not be compostable.

We stock a wide variety of compostable coffee cups for both hot or cold drinks in a full range of sizes including 4, 8, 10, 12, 16, and ounce sizes. Our grease and moisture resistant paper cookie and sandwich bakery bags are available in two sizes and styles, including Natural Kraft and White.

This food container line is the ideal purchase for any business looking to go green or update their kitchens with the latest innovation in food service packaging.

Available in three sizes and one-for-all matching lid. There's no need to feel guilty when you throw these away! Bags are available in many shapes, sizes, and designs.

The heavy-duty handle bags offer a fresh version of take out bags that are perfect for the market, take-out businesses, bakeries, and retailers. These bags are available in three different sizes in both natural Kraft and white.

Customize your bag with your company's logo for that personal touch. An economical, untreated, and NON-grease resistant alternative to some of our other grease resistant and waxed bags. Available in multiple sizes of both natural Kraft and white. Choose from one of our many themed wine bags for any occasion, styles including solid colors, holiday-themed, printed designs, recycled kraft and design.

Sizes vary with style. Bio-Pak Boxes are the perfect green take out container for any food truck. Choose from six styles: Inspired by Nature Bio Pak Sonoma Bio Plus EARTH Bio Plus TERRA Bio Pak Black Bio Pak White Bio Pak View Window.

These food containers are endorsed by the Green Restaurant Association. Go all natural with your bakery boxes and let your baked good speak for themselves with our Natural Brown Kraft bakery boxes. Browse the wide selection of sizes with or without windows! Match your bakery's theme with our deep chocolate brown line of bakery boxes.

We offer white cupcake boxes in a variety of sizes with several window options available!


Eco-friendly disposable food packaging Custom Stamp Startups have a Fresh produce sales of expenses to Pocket-friehdly, and keeping food packaging Pocket-frjendly labeling costs down is key. Whether you sell baked goods, preserves, candy, spices, snacks, or ready-made meals, we're sure we have the perfect packaging for your products. Shop All Boxes NEW! Blister Trays. Clear Poly Sheets. Eco-friendly, Compostable Food Packaging, made in North America

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