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Test and keep the product

It's also possible that in addition to keeping the product, you'll get paid for your review time. The types of products that you test can vary depending on what these companies think will be a good fit for you.

If you have children, you're a great candidate to test stuff for kids and if you're a runner you may get to test the latest running shoes. Products like food and electronics can be tested by just about everyone. Products that are frequently given away in exchange for product testing include food, beauty items, small appliances, electronics baby items, books, DVDs, apparel, shoes, and natural items.

Below, you'll find a list of the best places to sign up for product testing. All of these programs will let you keep the product that you test.

When you apply, make sure that you fill out your profile completely and honestly. The more information they have about you will it make it much more likely for you to get picked.

After you've completed your product test, you'll usually be asked to write a review, fill out a survey, or participate in a discussion about the product. It's important that you be honest when you do this, even if you have some criticism for the product. The company wants to improve their product if needed.

The more in-depth you go with your reviews and answers will give them valuable feedback. Here are some quick tips on how to get picked to be a product tester again and again. Get the Latest Tech News Delivered Every Day. Use limited data to select advertising.

Create profiles for personalised advertising. Use profiles to select personalised advertising. Create profiles to personalise content. Use profiles to select personalised content. Measure advertising performance. Measure content performance. Understand audiences through statistics or combinations of data from different sources.

Develop and improve services. Use limited data to select content. List of Partners vendors. By Stacy Fisher. Stacy Fisher. Retire Early. Retirement at Every Budget. Net Worth. Financial Planning. Apply for a Mortgage. Create a Financial Plan. GEN Z: The Future of Finances.

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This compensation may impact how and where products appear on this site including, for example, the order in which they appear. These offers do not represent all available deposit, investment, loan or credit products.

In fact, many companies seek out people willing to test their products before releasing them to their customer segment. Not only can you make some extra cash this way, but your feedback also helps these brands give their best offering to the public.

Different companies across nearly all markets are looking for product testers. This makes this a potentially lucrative and rewarding side gig for you — whatever your interests are.

Here are the best companies offering legitimate product testing opportunities right now:. Keep in mind that some of these options pay in cash, while others offer gift cards, free products or samples, or other rewards.

Additionally, some of these options will require specific knowledge of the product or a history with the brand being tested. You must be at least 18 years old to participate. You could end up testing products, completing online surveys, participating in online forums or focus groups, and more.

The products you could be testing include things like dental floss, makeup, shampoo and body wash. You may also receive a prepaid Visa gift card as compensation.

UserTesting pays people to test software, apps and websites for designers and developers. Most users end up taking one or two tests each week. With around 6. Products range from sporting goods, toys and games to personal care, beauty, health and groceries.

Rather than giving you money, Influenster compensates your work by letting you keep the products you test. All you have to do is download the app, provide some information about your preferences, and wait to be matched with brands that fit your profile.

Once you receive a VoxBox, simply review the items honestly. Once you do, keep an eye on your inbox for emails about upcoming studies. McCormick has both at-home and in-person testing sessions.

Testing occurs Monday through Friday during the day and evening. You can test products once every three months, or four times a year. Payment depends on how long the taste test takes and what type it is. American Consumer Opinion also pays people to take surveys , review new products and product ideas, and evaluate packaging designs.

All you need to do to become a member is create an account. The information you provide will help determine the types of products or surveys you receive. You can earn points by taking surveys. Alternatively, you can use your points to participate in sweepstakes for prizes, or you can donate your earnings to charity.

Becoming a beta tester for BetaTesting is simple and free. It only takes a few minutes to create a profile. Products include websites, mobile apps and hardware like TVs and smart vacuums.

There are also shorter tests that pay less, in addition to tests that take place over several weeks or months and pay more. Most testers on the site receive up to five opportunities a month.

BetaTesting also typically pays users via PayPal, gift cards or free products. Pinecone Research primarily offers testing of new and improved products. With this company, you can provide honest feedback via online studies about different products.

You may also receive samples to test at home. This company typically processes any rewards within business days after you complete the survey. Formerly known as Homescan, the National Consumer Panel pays you to share your opinions on shopping.

As a member, you can scan barcodes when you shop. Doing this will earn you points, though you can earn additional points by participating in surveys.

You may also occasionally receive invitations to test products. However, you can redeem your points for goods or gift cards. SheSpeaks primarily works with women who want to share their opinion and try out different products before they fully hit the market.

Simply sign up for an account and go from there. Instead, it has giveaways with cash prizes, free samples, and gift cards for the best reviews.

To get started, sign up and share some information about your interests. Then, keep an eye on your email for product invites. Once you receive one, apply for a sample. After you receive your sample, try it out and give your full, candid review. Many companies will send their products to people in an effort to get real feedback before sending them to the market.

These companies typically require an honest review and, in exchange, you get to keep the product. Some companies will also pay you through a cash transfer, gift cards, or points that can be converted into money. But even if you go freelance, you could still earn a few bucks on the side.

Product testers can get paid well, but how much you can earn depends on a few things. Casual product testers, for example, tend to earn less than more avid ones. Certain companies will pay more than others. If you have a decent social media presence, you could potentially earn even more money.

These sites serve as platforms that can help you find products based on your demographic and interests. The more sites you register at, the more products you could test — and the more you could earn. You might not earn a ton of money — though some people do — but it could be a fun side hobby.

Whatever your goals are, check out a few of these product testing websites and sign up today. You never know what types of products or services you might end up testing — and how much your opinion could affect the products out on the market.

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You can keep the product you're testing, and in exchange, you'll submit a “comprehensive and meaningful evaluation” and share online reviews Product testing can be a rewarding career choice for people who want to work from home and make money by reviewing items The Neighbors program features product testing, focus groups, and online discussions options to discuss new product ideas

10 BEST Product Testing Sites to get FREE Products


How to Make Money with Product Testing – Get Paid to Test Products for FREE

Test and keep the product - List & comparison of the best Product Testing Sites in the USA and internationally that pay product testers for feedback about software You can keep the product you're testing, and in exchange, you'll submit a “comprehensive and meaningful evaluation” and share online reviews Product testing can be a rewarding career choice for people who want to work from home and make money by reviewing items The Neighbors program features product testing, focus groups, and online discussions options to discuss new product ideas

The key focus is to seamlessly incorporate the product into their daily lives, mirroring how they would naturally use it. During this phase, testers meticulously document their experiences, opinions, and insights.

This valuable feedback aids companies in gaining a deep understanding of how their products perform in real-life scenarios. While the heart of in-home product testing is to experience products in your own environment, it often extends beyond your doorstep. When it comes to providing feedback, testers could be invited to attend focus groups or participate in surveys to provide additional insights.

Testers can be compensated for their time and insights with cash, gift cards, points, or free products. In-home product testing is a valuable tool that allows companies to bridge the gap between product conception and market acceptance, leading to more successful product launches and improved consumer satisfaction.

It is multifaceted and essential for several reasons:. In-home product testers serve as the eyes and ears of the market research world. Their experiences and opinions shed light on emerging trends, preferences, and consumer behaviors, helping companies stay ahead of the curve.

Improving Product Quality and Functionality. One of the key roles of in-home product testing is to identify product strengths and weaknesses. Testers provide constructive feedback that guides companies in enhancing product quality, functionality, and safety.

light on emerging trends, preferences, and consumer behaviors, helping companies stay ahead of the curve. Shaping Product Branding and Marketing Strategies. How a product is perceived by consumers is crucial. Your feedback can help companies position their products effectively in the market.

Getting involved in in-home product testing can be an exciting way to try out new products, share your opinions, and potentially earn rewards. The best way to start participating is to join an online panel. Look for ones that offer in-home product testing opportunities and sign up.

Based on your profile when you register, you will start to see opportunities that are relevant to you. Follow Instructions: Always read and follow the provided instructions carefully. Keep Detailed Records: Maintain a thorough record of your experiences with the product.

Note your usage details, any changes observed over time, and your overall impressions. Provide Constructive Feedback: Be honest in your feedback and offer constructive criticism. Explain what you liked, what you disliked, and any suggestions for improvement.

Stay Organized: Keep all product-related materials, such as packaging and instructions, in one place. This makes it easier to reference them when providing feedback. Meet Deadlines: If there are deadlines for completing surveys or providing feedback, make sure to meet them promptly.

Timeliness is crucial for the testing process. Report Safety Concerns: If you encounter any safety issues while using the product, report them immediately to the panel or market research company. Safety should always come first. Engage and Communicate: Stay engaged with the market research company or panel.

Check for updates, respond to emails, and communicate any issues or questions that arise. Exaggerate: Avoid exaggerating your feedback, whether positively or negatively. Provide honest assessments that reflect your true experiences. Share Confidential Information: Refrain from sharing sensitive details about the product, the testing process, or any proprietary information you might come across.

Sharing this information can exclude you from future testing opportunities and potentially include other penalties. Miss Deadlines: Failing to meet deadlines for feedback or surveys can disrupt the testing process and affect the reliability of results.

Detailed records are essential for providing valuable feedback. Protect your privacy. If you are asked for something you are not comfortable with, reach out to the panel or market research firm and ask questions.

Use the Product Inappropriately: Use the product only as directed. Avoid using it for purposes other than those specified in the instructions. Additional incentives are usually given for this that you would not be eligible for without it.

Ignore Communication: Stay responsive to emails and messages from the testing panel or company. Ignoring communication can result in missed opportunities. From testing within the comfort of your own home to participating in broader discussions about product development, you are a vital part of understanding market trends, improving product quality, and shaping branding and marketing strategies.

Your input matters and companies value your authentic experiences and feedback. As you embark on this exciting path, remember the tips and guidelines to maximize your testing experiences, provide valuable insights, and enjoy the perks of being a tester.

Your contributions drive innovation and ensure that consumer goods continually evolve to meet your expectations. Home Product Tester: Test Products at Home. Intellicast S6E23— News Stories to Kick-Off September September 6, Harnessing the Power of In-Home Product Testing Panels September 7, Show all.

Home Product Tester: Test Products at Home Published by Paul DeMott at September 7, Categories Market Research. What Are In-Home Product Testers? Purpose of In-Home Product Testing. The purpose of in-home product tests is multifaceted, including: Creating Better Products At its core, In-Home Product Testing aims to develop products that consumers genuinely love.

Quality Assurance Product testing helps ensure that items meet quality and safety standards. Target Audience Understanding In-Home Product Testers represent diverse demographics, providing insights into consumer behavior, preferences, and trends. Marketing and Branding In-Home Product Testing helps companies gauge how their products are perceived by consumers.

Typical Products for In-Home Testing. There are a wide variety of products that can be studied using in-home testing. Related: 8 Ways to Get Paid to Watch Ads in Your Spare Time. That might mean smelling fragrances or trying makeup and other self-care products. Other opportunities include participating in online surveys, discussion groups and forums, focus groups, and various panels.

Related: How to Sell Makeup Online and The Five Best Sites to Use. To become a McCormick panelist , you need to apply. Once in the database, you should receive periodic emails recruiting for studies.

McCormick also seeks out participants for in-facility testing at its location in Hunt Valley, MD, near Baltimore. Related: 15 Places That Offer Paid Research Studies. To get started, create an account , download its software, visit websites or apps, and answer questions about your experience.

How many websites you can product test depends on how well your demographic background lines up with the target user of the site. Related: 14 Places to Get Paid to Test Websites from Home. Another way to earn money testing websites, apps, and tech products for usability and other issues is by registering with BetaTesting.

BetaTesting states that you can expect to receive up to five or more opportunities per month, but some months you may not receive any.

However, BetaTesting prides itself on collecting quality feedback for the software companies that hire it. Payment is sent via PayPal within seven days of project completion. Related: How to Get Paid to Search the Web. SheSpeaks is another site that will send you free products to try and candidly review.

To get started, all you need to do is sign up for an account. It also runs giveaways for gift cards and free products. Related: 10 Places to Write Paid Reviews for Movies, Restaurants, and More. You can share your reviews through its feedback form, on social media, or on your blog if you have one.

You can also complete surveys for a chance to receive a VoxBox, its box of free full-size products that you can try at home. After you use the company, it asks that you share your honest opinions on its site and your social media accounts. Related: How to Make Money as a Social Media Influencer.

To get free products through BzzAgent , sign up for an account so it can send you qualifying surveys. Related: 20 Ways to Get Free Stuff Online. This site is primarily a resource for homeschooling families, but you can register and receive free products to review.

com community. All you need to do is sign up for its product tester email list and the company will send you opportunities to try books, printables, reports, and homeschooling kits.

Simply choose one or prodyct sites Test and keep the product you would like prodct sign up with, then follow the sign-up porduct on the website. Discounted restaurant specials Swagbucks lets you earn cash by doing various online activities, such as shopping, browsing websites, or watching videos. But even if you go freelance, you could still earn a few bucks on the side. As Featured On. No more products available for purchase.

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