Budget-conscious comfort food specials

The Banh Mi Sandwich is a beloved comfort food in Vietnam and worldwide. Meatballs have over twenty varieties around the world, but Meatballs and Gravy is beloved comfort dish in Sweden even Ikea serves them.

You might be surprised to learn that the famous Swedish meatball actually came from Turkey. In the early 18th century, Swedish King Charles XII fled to the Ottoman Empire after his disastrous invasion of Russia, resulting in the complete collapse of the Swedish armies.

Once the king returned to Sweden, he brought the now-iconic dish to the Scandinavian country. Breakfast Brunch Lunch Snack Dinner Dessert. Vegetarian Low-Carb Dairy-Free Vegan Keto Gluten-Free Shellfish-Free. American Asian Caribbean Japanese Latin American Italian Chinese Mexican.

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WHAT'S IN SEASON. When life gets too tough, or the temperatures get too low, we all seek comfort in food no matter where we are from. By Anna at SideChef. Content Creator. Bitten by curiosity bug. Obsessed with words. Fuelled by coffee. Powered by Google.

Love cheese, chocolate, and cherries. Love This Recipe? Chicken Paprikash Hungary The sweet aromatic paprika spice symbolizes Hungarian cuisine and is essential in many beloved Hungarian comfort foods. Chicken and Dumplings United States, South The American version of dumplings is different from what some may call dumplings in China, Poland, and some other countries.

Pad Thai Thailand The stir-fried noodle dish cooked with Thai spices, tamarind, and palm sugar has long become one of the most popular comfort foods worldwide.

Mac and Cheese United States If we get technical as in completely nerd out on mac and cheese origin , then according to the Smithsonian , the exact origin of this now American staple is unknown. Poutine Canada, Quebec The world seems divided on poutine - people either love it or have a strong aversion to this Québécois dish made of fresh-cut french fries topped with cheese curds and gravy.

Cacio e Pepe Italy Cacio e Pepe pronounced ca-cho ee pepe is one of the most ancient dishes of Italian cuisine. Katong Laksa Singapore Laksa is a very popular noodle dish from Maritime Southeast Asia.

Gumbo United States, South Louisiana The popular Louisiana dish has its origins in West Africa. Fish and Chips England Fish and Chips are an absolute comfort food staple for every Brit. Make your pepperoni pizza from scratch next time you crave some cheesy goodness!

Khichdi India Khichdi is a rice and mung bean or lentils dish every Indian grew up eating. French Onion Soup Paris, France French onion soup is an incredibly delicious and comforting dish made of caramelized onions, beef, or chicken stock, served with crunchy toasted bread and gooey melted cheese.

Jollof Rice West Africa Jollof rice is an iconic West African comfort food. Banh Mi Sandwich Vietnam Banh Mi Sandwich has been repeatedly named the king of sandwiches.

Meatballs and Gravy Sweden Meatballs have over twenty varieties around the world, but Meatballs and Gravy is beloved comfort dish in Sweden even Ikea serves them. Get weekly recipes, grocery shopping, meal planning, and home-cooking inspiration sent straight in your inbox.

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Here's a dish that absolutely epitomizes comfort food: "I grew up on this recipe, my Grandmother got it from a lady from church at a pot luck a long time ago! Quick and easy for school nights, and the leftovers are just as good!

Ever noticed that most things that come out of the slow cooker are comfort foods? Simply throw in a bunch of ingredients, and the appliance slowly tenderizes them and melds flavors until you're left with comfort in a bowl.

Exhibit A: this beef stew. We would be remiss if we didn't include this favorite recipe for chicken and dumplings. This recipe only requires five ingredients: chicken breasts, butter, cream of chicken soup, onion, and refrigerated biscuit dough. Reviewer JENNIROO says, "My husband is a meatloaf connoisseur.

I, on the other hand, can't stand the stuff. However, his arrival home from the war in Iraq prompted me to make this as his homecoming meal: good old-fashioned, USA comfort food.

Meatloaf and mashed potatoes Alas, I picked this recipe out of all the others and made it. My very first attempt at making meatloaf! It was easy to follow and my husband almost fainted when he realized what he was getting for dinner!

He LOVED it and even more amazing, I the world's biggest anti-meatloaf person loved it as well. Yes, you can create good, old-fashioned comfort food by opening just six cans.

You can also doctor it up with a little cumin, chili powder, cilantro, and garlic powder as reviewer SSCHULTE14 suggests. Serve with avocado, cheese, lime, or crushed tortilla chips. Baked potatoes are always a comfort food, but bake them twice, and you have the ultimate comfort food.

What makes this mac and cheese irresistibly creamy? The addition of cottage cheese and sour cream. The buttery bread crumb topping takes it over the top.

Everyone thinks their lasagna recipe is the best, but RBLAIR 's backs it up with over 1, five-star ratings. Double the recipe and freeze the seconds to bring to a friend or family member! Learn to make hibachi at home with this quick and easy recipe that can be easily tweaked to suit your tastes: " I enjoy using left-over teriyaki chicken in my fried rice, but you can use any meat you want or no meat at all!

You need this essential Cajun dish in your toolkit. It's an easy, one-pot meal that's packed with protein and flavor — what more could you ask of comfort food?

You don't have to go to a restaurant to find good French onion soup. This dish is actually quite simplistic in nature — a hearty beef broth and caramelized onions are topped with a slice of crusty French bread and bubbling cheese.

This leveled-up grilled cheese will leave people talking. Serve with a side of marinara sauce for dipping. Over 6, home cooks have rated this recipe five stars, meaning it's definitely in our comfort food hall of fame.

If using, add vegetable stock cube by breaking it up into smaller pieces. Add thyme. Bring to boil on high heat. Once it comes to a boil, turn down to medium-low to allow this to simmer for about minutes until potatoes are soft.

Meanwhile, add miso paste into a small bowl along with a few spoonfuls of the warm broth, taken from the pot. Mix together to thin out the miso paste.

Set aside. Once potatoes are cooked, add in coconut milk. Mix well and cook for another 10 minutes. Turn off heat, add in the thinned out miso paste ,and mix well. Add salt and pepper to taste, and enjoy!

12 Days of Budget Comfort Foods · Slow Cooker Taco Soup · Best Hashbrown Beef Bake Recipe · Green Pepper Chili · Slopp-Cheesy Joe Sliders · Homemade These cozy meals range from ramen and lasagna to classic cookies and brownies. Cooking cozy food brings up family traditions and nostalgia See our most comforting meals below, from microwave noodle soups to slow cooker curries and air-fryer toasties. For more low-cost meals check out our best

21 Budget-Friendly Dinners the Whole Family Will Eat

Budget-conscious comfort food specials - 14 Comfort Food Recipes for Any Budget · Chicken Noodle Soup · Mac and Cheese · Lasagna · Chicken Divan · Pasta and Sausage Bake · Pizza Pasta 12 Days of Budget Comfort Foods · Slow Cooker Taco Soup · Best Hashbrown Beef Bake Recipe · Green Pepper Chili · Slopp-Cheesy Joe Sliders · Homemade These cozy meals range from ramen and lasagna to classic cookies and brownies. Cooking cozy food brings up family traditions and nostalgia See our most comforting meals below, from microwave noodle soups to slow cooker curries and air-fryer toasties. For more low-cost meals check out our best

Timing is key when making this dish — cook the soba just before you serve. Work ahead by steeping the dashi and seasoning the duck the night before or the morning of cooking. For the purest flavor, seek out hon mirin "real mirin" , which has no added sweeteners or salt.

This creamy, soul-warming soup from the legendary Ina Garten's cookbook, Modern Comfort Food , captures everything there is to love about chicken pot pie. Plenty of aromatic vegetables, a rich, silky broth spiked with tarragon and cream sherry, and plenty of tender chicken or leftover Thanksgiving turkey deliver pure comfort in every spoonful.

The flaky, buttery puff pastry croutons made from store-bought dough! are an irresistible finishing touch. Most traditional chocolate chip cookie recipes start by creaming softened butter with sugar.

Here, the butter is melted in a skillet until golden brown and nutty first. This simple step does require a bit of extra time mainly for chilling the butter , but the result is an intensely toasty butterscotch note that makes these thin, chewy cookies irresistible.

Using two kinds of bittersweet chocolate chips and a chopped bar adds luscious layers to the cookies. A final sprinkle of flaky salt enhances their flavor even more. Most polenta recipes require nearly an hour of patient stirring; this streamlined version comes together off the heat, with a final whisk just before serving.

The result is an almost effortless, exquisitely creamy polenta that's the perfect base for slow-roasted pork and vegetables. Adding water to the skillet helps cook the eggs evenly without burning the bagel halves, resulting in a lightly toasted bagel wrapped around a perfectly runny yolk.

Savory smoked salmon and creamy avocado complete this classic breakfast. When chef Shaun Searley prepares these crispy potatoes at The Quality Chop House , he starts with King Edward potatoes, which have a fluffy texture.

Be sure to start a day ahead so the cooled confited potatoes slice cleanly. The portioned potatoes can then be stored in the freezer for up to a month before frying. In Senegal at the Keur Moussa monastery, a typical meal includes poulet mafé, a thick peanut sauce with chicken, root vegetables, and cabbage served over rice, fonio, or millet couscous.

His advice: "Be patient when cooking mafé. Let the stew simmer slowly until the oil rises to the surface. Thiam's version uses fish sauce, which brings a subtle umami that adds complexity to the stew.

Loaded with fresh shrimp, crab, and lobster, and layered with a rich mixture of cheeses, this macaroni and cheese gets an extra boost of spice from liquid shrimp-and-crab boil. The boil seasoning lends its long-cooked flavor to the casserole without overcooking the delicate seafood.

This recipe comes from Monica Williams , chef Kia Damon's auntie and former drill instructor for the United States Marine Corps.

Cookbook author Molly Stevens fillets chicken breast for crispy grown-up chicken nuggets dredged in panko and fried in olive oil and butter. If it's too thin, it'll dry out before the breading has time to brown.

The key to frying them is monitoring the heat; the nuggets should sizzle when you lower them into the pan. There's nothing better than coming home to a simmering pot of this hearty stew on a cool fall or winter day.

Hearty chunks of beef turn tender after a low and slow trip in your favorite Dutch oven; potatoes join the party during the tail end of cooking to retain their texture.

Cut potatoes into similar-size pieces to guarantee they cook evenly. Charring the tomato and onion before adding them to the red chile sauce is a quick way to create rich, slow-cooked flavor.

Thick-cut fresh tortilla chips soak up the sauce and runny egg yolks without getting soggy. A wooden skewer, dowel, or chopstick is the only special tool needed to make this crispy scrunched phyllo pastry filled with chopped nuts and drizzled with sugary syrup.

A splash of fresh lemon juice adds bright, zesty flavor to the syrup that balances both the sweetness of the pastry and the rich, buttery walnuts. The recipe is from Roberta Kochakian of Los Angeles, who is descended from a family of Armenian Genocide survivors and has devoted much of her life to chronicling traditional Armenian recipes and cooking techniques.

A soothing hot pot is the perfect excuse to set out ingredients and casually dine at the table. Although this recipe can be executed at the stove, donabe is traditionally prepared on a portable burner at the table.

Cook the tofu and vegetables first, then soak up the delicious broth with chewy ramen noodles as a second course. Taking a cue from chef Mei Lin, we're adding spicy pork, creamy egg yolks, and crunchy sesame to classic rice congee. Low and slow cooking is the key to its great texture; adjust the heat as needed to maintain a gentle bubble that results in tender grains.

Toasting and grinding whole spices instead of relying on pre-ground spice powders adds unparalleled depth of flavor to this spicy chickpea dish from western India. This dish is a specialty of Hina Mody, Restaurant editor Khushbu Shah's auntie who emigrated from the Indian state of Gujarat.

I've tried and adored all of these versions, but the dinner hummus of my dreams is capped with a generous layer of chicken and cauliflower.

Light, airy, and slightly sweet, the fried bara is perfect for sopping up this spicy shrimp curry. A quick Scotch bonnet hot sauce is intense on its own, but drizzled sparingly over the curry it adds the perfect punch of heat and acidity.

A combination of chipotle-spiked béchamel and mild Comté cheese melt together to create the rich, creamy center in this pressed "toastie" sandwich. Briefly heating spices and dried chiles in oil or ghee allows their flavors to bloom, creating a flavorful tadka that serves as the backbone of this dish.

It also adds a crispy, spicy finish to the creamy mixture of mung beans, lentils, and pigeon peas. Depending on the region, that soup could be green from jalapeños and tomatillos if you're in Guerrero or red from guajillo or ancho chiles in areas such as Mexico City and Jalisco.

Then, choose from a selection of toppings: finely chopped onions, sliced avocado, lime, radishes, lettuce, queso fresco.

Go big, or keep it simple. That's the true beauty of posole: No two bowls look or taste exactly alike. Inspired by älplermagronen, Alpine farmers' macaroni, this Swiss twist on a Thanksgiving classic gets rich flavor from Gruyère and a lush creaminess from Raclette.

Traditional versions of this dish are served with applesauce; as a nod to that flavor play, we've added some shallots that are quickly pickled in apple cider vinegar to balance the cheesy richness.

While many brownie recipes call for creaming the butter and sugar before adding the eggs, pastry chef Lee Lee Reid whips eggs and sugar together to aerate them, leading to the ultimate brownie consistency.

A brownie will only be as good as the cocoa and chocolate used, so be sure to source the best. Snow crab, especially the legs of the crab, yields tender, clean chunks of meat, perfect for topping these steamed savory rice bowls.

To gently cook the crabs, steam them for 20 to 25 minutes over high heat, let cool slightly, and remove the meat. This comforting, creamy rice porridge shines with punchy, savory toppings for a hearty meal.

Traditional toppings for khao tom can include Chinese sausage, dried shrimp, or eggs, but writer Kat Thompson's favorite version of this dish is topped with fermented mustard greens and crispy bacon. This Khao Tom recipe is from Oranij Promsatit, Thompson's beloved Thai teacher and family friend.

It's bolstered by a robust ginger and turmeric base, which offers deep, earthy flavors along with anti-inflammatory prowess. Tempering the toppings in hot oil, a technique known as making a tadka, brings out their flavors and is the perfect counterpoint to the cooling yogurt in this simple, comforting dish.

Be sure to use plain whole-milk yogurt, not a strained, Greek-style yogurt, for the creamiest porridge-like texture.

Is this the best burger on the internet? We think so. This spicy, crispy, cheesy, swoon-inducing smash burger will have you going back for seconds thanks to the cheese and salsa that melt into a queso-like moment, and take this burger to the next level.

Fresh jalapeños, smoky chipotles in adobo, and fruity ancho chile powder give this thick, meaty short rib chili layers of heat, while red wine and tomato add acidity to balance out the richness of the tender short ribs.

For a more budget-friendly option, substitute cubed beef chuck roast for the short ribs. Homemade pickled red onions provide a colorful, tasty, crunchy topping.

Chef Michael Reed gives us a lesson on why it's worth it to take the time to peel and devein your own shrimp: He cooks the shrimp shells along with vegetables and herbs to create a deeply-flavorful stock, which he then uses as a sauce for these shrimp and grits.

Pan-fried shrimp are spooned on top of a mound of cheesy grits, and topped with the rich shellfish stock as the finishing touch. Store extra stock in your freezer for your next batch of shrimp and grits, or add it to seafood soups, stews, and sauces for a boost of flavor. There's nothing that brightens up a Saturday morning more than a batch of fresh-from-the-oven orange rolls.

Recipe: Twice-Baked Potatoes. Although these baked potatoes are the ideal side dish, a few quick and easy toppings can transform them into an incredible main dish. Recipe: Mamie Eisenhower's Chocolate Fudge. If you have an old-fashioned fudge recipe in your collection, we're guessing it looks a little something like this hallmark recipe.

Recipe: Easy Chicken and Dumplings. Chicken and dumplings is a quintessential Southern comfort food at which every Southern chef should try their hand. We've made it easy to start. With deli-roasted chicken, cream of chicken soup, and canned biscuits, this quick and tasty version of the classic recipe comes together with minimal effort, but maximum flavor and comfort.

When it comes to chicken and dumplings recipes, its hard to pick a favorite. We adore the tried-and-true versions that our grandmothers spoon-fed us, and the more innovative versions with unexpected additions like gnocchi, sweet potato, and cornbread.

Even with new and exciting twists on the classic, this savory, steaming, and traditional chicken and dumplings recipe is worth holding on to. Recipe: Brown Butter Sweet Potato Pie. We made old-fashioned sweet potato pie even more delicious with the addition of browned butter.

Recipe: Old-School Green Bean Casserole. Every part of this old-school casserole is homemade, so canned soup required. While it's a staple during the holiday season, we think this classic side dish is a great addition to your menu year-round.

Recipe: Candied Yams. Lightly spiced and oh-so-sweet, candied yams are a mainstay on Southern Thanksgiving tables. Recipe: Sock It To Me Cake. We're revisiting this s recipe that was a Southern host favorite.

Recipe: Baked Ziti with Sausage. Classic and comforting, cheesy baked ziti casserole is always a family favorite.

This easy Southern comfort casserole comes together with homemade tomato sauce with crumbly, flavorful, and savory sausage. Double the sauce, and freeze it for a quick and delicious homemade pasta sauce. Then, pour the rest over baked ziti, top with mozzarella cheese, and enjoy homemade baked ziti.

Recipe: Instant Pot Black-Eyed Peas. Southerners love their black-eyed peas especially on New Year's Day! Recipe: Heirloom Tomato Pie. When the farmers' market is bursting with fresh tomatoes in the summer, the first thing we rush to make is tomato pie.

Recipe: Old-Fashioned Chicken Pot Pie. No other dish describes comfort quite as well as chicken pot pie. Recipe: Fried Green Tomatoes. It doesn't get much more Southern than a plate of Fried Green Tomatoes. Great on sandwiches, on top of salads, or plain eaten off a plate and dipped in sauce, this is a recipe that every Southern could should learn — and make weekly.

Always pick firm green tomatoes that will hold their texture during the fry process. We dip our fried green tomatoes in a blend of self-rising cornmeal mix, salt, pepper, and all-purpose flower.

Each fried green tomato is hand-dredged in buttermilk, tossed in the crispy coating, and then fried to golden perfection in popping vegetable oil. The crispy coating flakes off with each perfect bite.

Recipe: Homemade Mashed Potatoes. We have a feeling that you'll be licking the bowl clean after you make these perfectly fluffy mashed potatoes. Yukon gold potatoes yield a texture that's just right for holding a pool of flavorful turkey gravy or melted butter.

These potatoes are perfect for all occasions, from weeknights to special occasions. No potluck, church supper, or pot roast is complete without a bowl of steaming mashed potatoes, served with a large wooden spoon. Recipe: Buttermilk Biscuits. In the South, Biscuits are to breakfast what tires are to a car: no Southern breakfast is complete without flaky, buttery biscuits.

Actually, make that no Southern meal is complete without flaky, buttery biscuits. Don't be afraid to make your own — homemade buttermilk biscuits are worth the labor.

Once you try homemade buttermilk biscuits steaming from the oven, you'll think twice before buying store-bought canned biscuits again. We've found the perfect biscuit recipe that makes the process easy. This versatile biscuit recipe only takes five ingredients to make, and you can amp it up with any of our four flavor variations, like cinnamon-raisin, black pepper bacon, feta oregano, or pimiento cheese.

Recipe: Shepherd's Pie. Southerners are well versed in comfort food, but this old-fashioned recipe has roots over the pond. Recipe: Chicken-and-Wild Rice Casserole. Our chicken and Rice Casserole is savory, creamy, filling, and everything that a classic Southern casserole should be.

This staple casserole can be dressed up for special occasions, but its crowd-pleasing flavor is perfect for a weeknight or family dinner. Roasted sliced almonds, water chestnuts, and fresh breadcrumbs give it that irresistible crunch that will keeps you coming back for seconds.

Using a long-grain and wild rice mix and toasted almonds in the classic chicken casserole makes it a little bit dressier, and fit for company during the holidays. You can also prepare this recipe in advance — it keeps in the freezer for up to one month. Recipe: Best Cornbread Dressing.

Nothing tastes more like home than a warm scoop of cornbread dressing and don't dare call it stuffing! Recipe: Company Pot Roast with Creamy Mushroom Grits.

A flavorful pot roast is, perhaps, the most underrated classic Southern comfort food. Not only is a well-cooked pot roast tender and savory, but it is also incredibly versatile.

Eat it hot from the slow cooker, or cold, piled between two slices of French bread. Our test kitchen carefully developed this flavorful roast to be the only roast recipe you'll ever need. Bacon, garlic, and red wine imbue humble chuck roast with robust flavors and character.

Rich beef-bourguignon flavor grows as the meat transforms from simple to extraordinary in your slow cooker. Serve sliced or in chunks over Creamy Mushroom Grits. Recipe: King Ranch Chicken Mac and Cheese.

Our favorite casserole? King Ranch, of course. Our favorite side dish? Dare we say mac and cheese? All of the flavors of one of our favorite casserole recipes come together in the filling comfort mac and cheese.

Packed with cellentani pasta, buttery onions and peppers, diced tomatoes, and two blends of creamy cheese, this mac and cheese dish sets a high standard for all other sides and main dishes. Serve this five-star dinner dish to your family, and it will become a quick favorite.

One reviewer raves, "This is the best casserole I have ever made and I have been cooking for over 30 years… My family loved it, and we did not have any leftovers!

I make it weekly now. Recipe: Chicken-and-Brisket Brunswick Stew. Some recipes are quick. Brunswick stew is not one of these recipes.

But trust us, the results are worth every minute. You'll wind up with enough to feed a crowd, or enough to freeze for several great meals to come. Flavors of sautéed onions and garlic, beef soup based, fire-roasted crushed tomatoes, mustard, pepper, and Worcestershire sauce come together in a two-hour long simmering period that results in this craveable classic stew of tender chicken, filling vegetables, and intensely delicious barbecued beef brisket.

Purchase your barbecued brisket from your favorite local shop, and stir in to make this comfort dish fit for your family. Recipe: Minute Chili. Do you want delicious chili but don't want to wait all day?

Our Minute Chili recipe will have you enjoying one of our quick-fix suppers in no time. This simple-to-make chili recipe only has six ingredients, but you'll marvel at its slow-cooked flavor. Simmering the ground beef is probably the hardest part; once you've finished that, you just pour everything else in, and stir.

If you prefer an Italian-style take on Minute Chili, spice this up and use 1 pound of ground sausage and 1 pound of ground beef. Whether you prefer a traditional chili or you would like to enjoy some Italian-infused flavors, this easy-to-make chili will always be ready when you are.

Recipe: Rotisserie Chicken Noodle Soup. Instead of waiting for a whole chicken to cook, we sped this comfort food classic up by using a store-bought rotisserie chicken. Recipe: Southern-Style Collard Greens. A true Southern chef knows that part of what makes Southern-smoked meat taste good are the perfect side dishes.

And a true Southern chef also knows that this perfect side is often collard greens. Packed with vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, and iron, collard greens are a type of cabbage that does not develop into a head of lettuce. This recipe fixes the greens up with some traditional Southern flavors.

Crispy hickory-smoked bacon, bacon, sautéed sweet onion, smoked ham, apple cider vinegar, and garlic perfect these savory Southern-Style Collard Greens, making this side dish an essential part of your traditional Southern feast. Recipe: Peppered Beef Soup. A steaming hot bowl of hearty soup served out of a toasted bread bowl warms our hearts in such a distinct and fulfilling way.

This comfort soup requires some prep work, but the soul warming worth every minute. Sirloin tip beef roast is coated in flour and seared for a crispy finish, and a healthy load of vegetables gives the soup simmering flavor.

Make a huge pot, and freeze leftovers in an airtight container for up to three months. Add a bit of canned broth when reheating to reach desired consistency. For a decadent finish, serve in Toasted Bread Bowls. Recipe: Caramel Cake. This old-fashioned recipe has remained, over the years, as one of our best-ever homemade cakes.

Our caramel cake has competed against plenty of fancier and more complicated cakes, but it still satisfies our sweet cravings in ways that other cakes never do.

Rich and moist from a container of sour cream, dense from butter and eggs, and sweet from sugar, the cake is simple and satisfying. What makes this classic Southern cake stand out is the homemade caramel frosting spread between and on top of the cake's layers.

This traditional cake will seal your reputation as the family's best baker. Recipe: King Ranch Chicken. This slow-cooker version of the fan favorite King Ranch Chicken Casserole is sure to please your whole family. What's more comforting than chicken, cheese, and tortillas?

Layers of tender shredded chicken, onions, bell peppers, creamy soup, diced tomatoes, green chiles, garlic, and chili are separated with flaky tortillas and sharp shredded Cheddar cheese. Put this recipe in your slow cooker in the mid afternoon, and it'll be ready just in time for dinner. It is filling and oh-so-rich, so you will not need to spend time making a fancy Southern side dish.

Try serving it with a simple garden green salad, or roasted broccoli, for an easy and delicious weeknight meal. Recipe: Two-Step Pound Cake.

Pound cakes are one of the easiest cakes to bake. This classic dessert is one of those sweet treats that you can whip together with minimal effort. This staple cake comes together with only 6 ingredients that everyone keeps on hand; you can jazz it up to suit any occasion.

While you're enjoying the buttery, crumbly cake, have you ever wondered where it gets its name? The original recipe dates back to the s, and calls for a pound of flour, a pound of butter, a pound of sugar, and a pound of eggs. Now, that's a lot of cake. A lot of soft, dense, sweet, and absolutely perfect cake.

Test Kitchen Tip: Sift the flour prior to adding to the mixing bowl for a smooth cake that will best absorb icing. Recipe: Baked Smokin' Macaroni and Cheese.

If you're craving the ooey, gooey cheesy comfort of mac and cheese, but looking for a lighter option, this baked macaroni dish is perfect for you.

The cheesy sauce comes together with Gouda, milk, flour, and oil and coats the cellentani pasta in flavor you'll want to lick straight from the bowl. This delicious mac and cheese is light on butter and cheese, yet still melts in your mouth.

We love this recipe so much that we asked for more like it! Try one of our four flavor variations for a perfect twist on the traditional flavor, like pepper jack, sweet pea and prosciutto, pimiento, or ham and broccoli.

Recipe: Chicken-Andouille Gumbo with Roasted Red Potatoes. You can't go wrong with this classic Southern dish to fill you up on chilly nights. We made it even heartier by adding roasted potatoes to the traditional mix of Andouille sausage, Cajun seasonings, and veggies.

The key to any great gumbo all starts is all in the roux. This recipe calls for a caramel-colored roux, but some Southern chefs prefer to add a subtle burnt flavor to their gumbo pots by slow simmering the flour and oil until its deep, dark, and smooth like chocolate.

Make sure you monitor the roux at all times — if you burn your roux, the whole gumbo will taste wrong. If you're in a rush, don't turn the heat higher. Instead, use deli roasted chicken in place of skinned and boned chicken breasts.

Recipe: Tee's Corn Pudding. This classic Southern recipe has a rich, soufflé-like texture that tastes fancier than the recipe really is — but we won't tell your guests that. With a scoop of sugar, a dash of flour, plenty of eggs and a heavy serving of cream and butter, this fresh corn casserole comes together with fresh corn kernels.

It's an fancier version of our favorite side dish: homemade, crispy, buttery cornbread. A perfectly Southern side for holiday potlucks and dinners like Thanksgiving and Christmas, this southern corn pudding also works great at summertime barbecues and Easter brunches.

The result is an impressive Southern side dish that the entire party will love. We like to add chopped fresh chives to the top. Recipe: Double-Crust Chicken Pot Pie. Chicken Pot Pie is the comfort food sent down to the South straight from heaven.

A creamy filling of vegetables and chicken covered by not one but two flaky crusts makes this double-crust chicken pot pie one of our best-ever chicken pot pies.

One reviewer raves, "Best Chicken Pot Pie I've ever had! This meal is appropriate for any occasion! I've made this for friends and family and they we very impressed and pleased. Recipe: Old-Fashioned Chicken And Dumplings. As the name suggests, this classic chicken and dumplings recipe is a comfort food sure to satisfy the whole family.

A warm bowl of chicken and dumpling soup can turn around even the rainiest day. Handmade dumplings come together with just a few ingredients, and add rustic flavor to the deliciously creamy dish.

Boiling and cooking the chicken at home saves cost and creates a rich broth that you can only get from scratch, but adds time. If you're in a rush, pick up a deli-roasted chicken.

Recipe: Pecan Pie. Every Southerner knows that no Southern dessert table is complete without a syrupy sweet Pecan pie. Because pecan pie is such an integral part of a Southerner's diet, it's important that when you bake a homemade pecan pie with fresh Georgia Pecans, it comes out right.

Our test kitchen tried over and over again to make the perfect Southern pecan pie, but attempt after attempt, there's just no better pecan pie than our Pecan Pie recipe. This traditional pecan pie recipe is versatile and delicious. For a rich, holiday flavor, try using dark corn syrup.

For a lighter and clearer pie, use light corn syrup. Both variations received high marks in our Test Kitchen. Recipe: Shrimp and Grits. If we had to compile a list of the "top ten most Southern dishes ever," Shrimp and Grits would certainly rank in the top three.

This original Shrimp and Grits recipe is from Bill Smith, executive chef at Crook's Corner, a landmark Southern restaurant in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Our favorite part about Shrimp and Grits that it is so quintessentially Southern that it works for any meal — breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, or even as a midnight snack.

Nobody ever turns down buttery, rich Shrimp and Grits. Packed with crispy bacon, buttery shrimp, fresh mushrooms, chopped green onions, garlic, lemon juice, and cheese, this dish is as impressive as it is delicious.

Recipe: Pecan-Peach Cobbler. This classic Southern dessert combines two of our favorite Southern-grown products: peaches and pecans.

Great for summer, fall, and every season, this sweet cobbler suits any occasion. Covered in a golden-brown, latticed crust made easy from refrigerated piecrusts, the filling is where the real flavor lies. Gooey, sugar-covered peaches envelope crunchy local pecans.

Test Kitchen Tip: Make sure that you take the extra minutes to toast your pecans. Toasted pecans have a much more delicate flavor and crispy texture than their raw counterparts, which often taste waxy.

Serve this classic Southern dessert with a dollop of sweetened whipped cream for a dessert that everyone will love. Recipe: Chicken-fried Steak.

There's a reason that chicken-fried steak has such an iconic reputation down South. This classic Southern comfort dish has that savory, melt-in-your-mouth taste that every Southern chef seeks. Make this iconic Southern chicken-fried steak recipe and savor every bite of this simple and delicious dish.

It comes together with minimal ingredients, too — you'll only need steak, salt, pepper, flour, eggs, chicken broth, milk, and cracker crumbs. Serve with green beans, mashed potatoes, and plenty of gravy. Now, next time you go to your favorite meat-and-three restaurant, you're free to order something new — you can get your chicken-fried steak fix from your own kitchen.

Recipe: Cinnamon Rolls with Cream Cheese Icing. This holiday-worthy breakfast staple is as comforting as it is cinnamony. If you love store-bought cinnamon rolls made from a can, then you have got to make the homemade version — you will jump for joy after tasting how much better the homemade version is.

Our homemade cinnamon rolls have all of our favorite Southern ingredients, like pecans, brown sugar, milk, and cinnamon. The homemade dough mixture rises to fluffy, golden-brown perfection; topped with cream cheese icing, these cinnamon rolls are literally heaven in a pastry.

They're so good, we bet you won't mind putting in the effort on any average Saturday! Recipe: Classic Chicken Tetrazzini. Make a classic family comfort food with this creamy chicken casserole.

This family-friendly casserole dish takes less than one hour to make, and provides a filling one-dish meal. With plenty of butter, a rich sauce thickened with flour, milk, white wine, and chicken bouillon, this classic Chicken Tetrazzini is pure comfort food.

Folded in Parmesan cheese provides an even richer element of flavor. Older, drier Parmesan will add a richer, nuttier, more sophisticated flavor; lower-quality Parmesan provides the same cheesy texture without such a strong flavor.

Test Kitchen Tip: This recipe freezes beautifully. Recipe: Baked Potato Soup. A thick and creamy baked potato soup is perfectly ideal for cold winter days. Pile on your favorite baked potato toppings, like cheddar cheese, cooked and crumbled bacon, sliced green onions, and a dollop of sour cream.

Rich mashed potatoes serve as the base for this creamy baked potato soup. Flavored with onion, butter, ground white pepper, and milk, this heart-warming comfort soup comes together in less than an hour. Make a big pot, and freeze the rest for an easy weeknight meal. To complete the meal, serve this baked potato soup with a roll for dipping, like our easy Yeast Roll.

Recipe: Classic Strawberry Shortcake. With juicy strawberries spooned over sweet and tender biscuits, these old-fashioned strawberry shortcakes are the perfect dessert for all lovers of classic Southern comfort dishes. Fresh strawberries, sugar, almond extract, and whipping cream tucked between two slices of homemade shortcake biscuits — these are the elements that compose this easy take on a deliciously sweet strawberry shortcake.

this classic Southern dessert is both light on the palette and just sweet enough to satisfy the strongest sweet tooth. If the berries are very sweet, decrease the sugar to suit your taste. Recipe: Old-fashioned Meatloaf.

This classic comfort meatloaf recipe is as close as we could get to how your momma used to make. In fact, it might be your momma's recipe. This Southern meatloaf recipe features Creole and Greek seasonings and a hint of garlic.

A few tablespoons of Worcestershire sauce spice up the traditional ketchup topping. One reviewer raves, "This meatloaf has an excellent flavor; best meatloaf I have ever had!

I served carrots and broccoli as a side along with mashed potatoes. My daughter, very picky eater, loved it. I did add a little bit of brown sugar to the sauce on top to reduce the tartness of the tomato sauce.

Recipe: Utterly Deadly Southern Pecan Pie. Although there are plenty of pecan pie recipes out there, we can vouch for this one — and so can mom. Any way you serve it — warm, cold, with ice cream, or with a dollop of whipped cream — pecan pie is always a favorite, and this recipe proves it's best made in a cast iron skillet.

Recipe: Skillet Cornbread. The ultimate side dish for any hearty Southern meal, cornbread is great slathered in butter or used for sopping up stews. This classic yet easy comfort food recipe comes together with savory irresistible bacon drippings, creamy buttermilk, white cornmeal, and a dash of salt.

Like all great Southern breads, it comes from the oven in a steaming cast-iron skillet. Adapted from Hoppin John's Lowcountry Cooking by John Martin Taylor, our go-to comfort corn bread recipe is timeless and well loved by our readers for its moist texture and just-sweet-enough taste.

For a flavorful variation, try one of our creative cornbread variations. Recipe: Mom's Signature Roast Beef. You can almost hear the dinner bell calling for you in this comforting meat-and-potatoes meal. With chopped onions, plenty of garlic, tender carrots, hearty potatoes, and, of course, slow-roasted beef that falls apart when your fork hits it, this recipe for classic beef roast shows you just how mom used to make it so darn good.

Marinate the beef in a bottled dark beer seasoned with savory spices for at least 8 hours before searing it in your large, heavy-duty roasting pan.

You'll need to slow cook it for at least four hours to get that tender, home cooked texture. You can also replace the beer with Cola for a classic Cola Pot Roast. Recipe: Classic Lasagna. A classic, beefy lasagna recipe perfectly matches these traditional, zesty Italian ingredients and creamy homemade ricotta sauce.

Tall layers of ricotta cheese, parmesan cheese, ground beef, and pasta will seriously satisfy your casserole cravings. Seasoned with Italian seasoning, crushed red pepper, and garlic powder, this lasagna is anything but bland.

Plus, any leftovers for lunch the following day are always welcome. Recipe: Ultimate Carrot Cake. Now, there are two types of people in this world. People who like Carrot Cake, and people who don't. And after trying this classic, rich, and moist Carrot Cake recipe, we think there will be only one type of person in this world.

Truly our best-ever Carrot cake recipe, make this classic favorite for a crowd and you might not have any leftovers to bring home. Made with grated carrots, pieces of Granny Smith apple, and sweetened coconut, the resulting cake layers are moist, sweet, and soft.

It's important to cool the cakes completely before frosting, otherwise the frosting will just melt right off.

To expedite the cooling process, you can put the cakes on their wire racks in the freezer don't worry, it's not cheating , checking until they're thoroughly cool. Recipe: Fried Pork Chops with Cream Gravy.

Any dish with gravy is bound to be delicious and comforting, and these pork chops are certainly no exception. Crispy fried in a coating of flour, Cajun seasoning, garlic powder, pepper, and buttermilk, these fried pork chops are ready in minutes for a quick, flavorful meal that even the pickiest of eaters will love.

With a gravy that comes together from the flavor-packed pan drippings, this classic Southern dinner is well worth working into your weekly menu. To make this dish like a Southern grandmother, cook it in a cast iron skillet. For variation, feel free to substitute the pork chops for chicken breasts or cube steak.

Serve with a light green vegetable, like crispy green beans. Recipe: Cheddar Cheese Grits Casserole. You simply cannot go wrong with this eggs, cheese, and grits combination.

It's unassuming but absolutely delicious, and a true Southern favorite. It comes together with ingredients that all Southerners have on hand — milk, butter, grits, eggs, and cheese.

Pound cakes are Budget-conscioks of the easiest cakes to Budget-consciou. Jollof Spwcials West Africa Jollof rice is an iconic West African comfort food. Homemade lasagna is a family specialx Low-cost meal ideas comfort food, Cost-effective meal sales this easy Budget-conscios Low-cost meal ideas extra-special because it only requires 5 ingredients: savory ground beef, store-bought pasta sauce, lasagna noodles, ricotta cheese, and shredded mozzarella we don't count the water! This classic Southern recipe has a rich, soufflé-like texture that tastes fancier than the recipe really is — but we won't tell your guests that. To be mindful of the salt, look for simmer sauces with less than or close to mg sodium per ¼-cup serving.


Budget friendly comfort foods

Budget-conscious comfort food specials - 14 Comfort Food Recipes for Any Budget · Chicken Noodle Soup · Mac and Cheese · Lasagna · Chicken Divan · Pasta and Sausage Bake · Pizza Pasta 12 Days of Budget Comfort Foods · Slow Cooker Taco Soup · Best Hashbrown Beef Bake Recipe · Green Pepper Chili · Slopp-Cheesy Joe Sliders · Homemade These cozy meals range from ramen and lasagna to classic cookies and brownies. Cooking cozy food brings up family traditions and nostalgia See our most comforting meals below, from microwave noodle soups to slow cooker curries and air-fryer toasties. For more low-cost meals check out our best

Tender chunks of chicken are simmered with vegetables, herbs, and a rich broth to create a thick, flavorful stew that warms the soul. Serve with crusty bread for a meal that feels like a hug in a bowl. Spaghetti Bolognese. Savor the flavors of Italy with this wallet-friendly spaghetti Bolognese.

This classic pasta dish is made with ground meat and a rich tomato sauce, perfect for a delicious, budget-conscious dinner. Chicken and Rice. Simple, satisfying, and easy on the wallet, chicken and rice is a versatile dinner choice.

Mix and match your favorite spices and vegetables to create a unique and flavorful meal every time. Black Bean Soup. Warm up with a steaming bowl of budget-friendly black bean soup.

This protein-packed dish is not only tasty but also incredibly affordable. With a mix of spices and veggies, your taste buds and wallet will thank you.

Pork Tacos. Who needs a taco truck when you can make delicious pork tacos at home? Seasoned pork, a few simple toppings, and you're in for a treat. These tacos are not only easy to make but also easy on the wallet. They're customizable, too—add a little salsa, some lime, maybe a dollop of sour cream, and you've got a cheap meal that's big on flavor.

Chicken Drumsticks. Crispy, juicy, and easy on the pocket, chicken drumsticks are a budget dinner superstar. Bake or grill them with your favorite seasoning for a delicious meal that won't break the bank. Drum up some savings with this tasty dish!

Chicken and Broccoli. A healthy, budget-friendly dinner option, chicken and broccoli is a great choice for a delicious meal that won't break the bank. With a flavorful sauce and nutritious ingredients, this dish proves that eating well doesn't have to be expensive!

Enchilada Pasta. Combine the flavors of enchiladas and pasta for a budget-friendly meal that's sure to impress. This cheesy, saucy dish is packed with deliciousness and won't empty your wallet. A Mexican-Italian fusion that's perfect for weeknight dinners!

Shrimp Pasta. Slow-cooking ensures tender chicken and a rich, fragrant curry sauce, so it's a win-win. Check out more slow cooker chicken recipes for more family meals. The ultimate late-night snack, now made even easier in an energy-efficient air-fryer. Best served with plenty of ketchup.

See more fun air-fryer ideas in our air-fryer recipes for beginners. Nothing compares to a crispy baked potato with a fluffy centre, loaded with your choice of toppings we love baked beans and lots of grated cheese.

We've made the process quicker and more energy-efficient than using the oven by utilising the air-fryer. Check out more baked potato recipes as well as these vegetarian air-fryer recipes. Dust off your slow cooker and try these meatballs for a low-cost family meal.

Turkey mince makes for lighter meatballs, plus they freeze well so you can batch cook for busy nights ahead. Find more ways to utilise your slow-cooker with our best slow-cooker recipes. Make the most of any leftover turkey or chicken and add it to a thrifty pasta bake.

This recipe makes the most of cheap storecupboard ingredients, such as chopped tomatoes and purée, red wine vinegar, garlic and onion. Check out these easy freezable pasta bakes for simple weeknight dinners.

Try this family-friendly slow cooker casserole out for the size. This thrifty meal is brilliant served over pasta, in baked potatoes or with bread.

Make more family slow cooker meals with our best kids' slow cooker recipes. Our budget-friendly pasta and chickpea soup makes the most of cheap, readily available ingredients, and it's ready on the table in just 30 minutes. It's low in fat and calories, too. See more speedy soup recipes for hearty family meals.

Tuck into a bowl of hot, bubbling macaroni cheese in under 30 minutes with this thrifty three-cheese microwave method. It's great if you're looking to avoid too many pots and pans to wash up afterwards. Make dinner in a flash with Jack Monroe's vegetarian kidney bean chilli.

It's a great way to get two of your five-a-day in and includes cheap canned items such as kidney beans and chopped tomatoes. See our ultimate chilli recipe collection for more cheap family dinners.

Toad-in-the-hole is comfort food at its best — and a thrifty one too, using just five ingredients excluding oil. Serve with gravy and your favourite veg on the side.

Find more toad-in-the-hole recipes for cheap and cheerful meals. We've made a comfort food classic more energy-efficient by using the trusty air-fryer.

It's as healthy as it is cheap, being low in salt and sugar and high in protein. Check out our top 20 pasta bakes guide for more ways to feed the family with a few ingredients and minimal effort. Search, save and sort your favourite recipes and view them offline. Join the BBC Good Food Wine Club.

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Reviewer naples says, "Make this. Exactly as the recipe directs. Just make double what you think you'll need. The best fried chicken recipes, like this one, use simple ingredients to create a crispy, golden-brown result.

Check out our favorite sides for fried chicken to complete your meal. LOVED this! It was the zoodles instead of noodles that bumped this one up a notch over chicken noodle," says Allrecipes Allstar Soup Loving Nicole.

You won't find a juicier chicken at the store: "If you don't try this, you're missing out. If you do try this, I venture to say that, you will be very pleasantly surprised!

Here's an old family recipe for a classic Southern comfort food. I am somewhat embarrassed to say that we had leftovers for breakfast this morning! Jumbo pasta shells are filled with three kinds of cheese and baked in mushroom and pasta sauce.

It's definitely a special occasion meal you'll want to keep on hand. Curry powder brings a deep, earthy flavor to this hearty soup consisting of chicken, rice, cream, and a little chopped apple. The best part? It comes together in about an hour.

We're rounding out our list of comfort food recipes with a classic: beef stroganoff. This version is ready in just 30 minutes, start to finish.

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