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They ensure that your employees achieve ultimate wellness goals. A company wellness idea is incomplete without a wellness plan. And what can best suit the purpose of a wellness program? A holistic yoga program. Infact, a fun and relaxing yoga session maximizes employee wellness participation.

These days, all our work has shifted online. Your employees must work for prolonged hours in front of their laptops without a break. It may result in a stiff neck with soreness at the back, causing discomfort throughout the day.

Stand up straight and stretch backward. Keep your palms on your pelvis, lean back. Hold it for 10 seconds and repeat. You can also spread your legs for proper balance. Stretch your neck to release the tension. It relaxes your head, shoulders, and neck. Move your neck sideways, holding it each for 30 seconds.

Repeat twice. Stand on one leg and stretch the other with the help of a stool. Try to do it with the other leg.

And, according to Gallup, Employees who take regular standing and stretching breaks are up to twice as likely to be engaged at work compared to those who don't. Attract your employees with eye-catching workout posters and pictures. It's important to show them visuals for greater effectiveness and engagement.

These workout posters can help as a reminder or motivation. It helps your employees to focus on wellness over guilty pleasures. Employers must guide their employees to practice ergonomics. Ignoring such issues can lead to musculoskeletal disorders MSD.

Furniture plays a vital role for employees. As they are the ones who spend most of their time within their workstation. For example,. Suggested Read : Workplace Ergonomics: Benefits And Ways To Improve It. Workplace flu vaccinations are the best investment for businesses.

Annual flu vaccinations help companies stay protected against any possible viruses. Consider offering free on-site flu vaccinations at your business locations if your business cannot provide on-site flu vaccine clinics.

Encourage employees to seek flu vaccination in the community. Taking precautions and spreading awareness is critical. It helps to protect yourself and your employees from viruses at work.

Create strict prevention policies and offer necessary resources to avoid getting into contact. Help employees understand why they should participate and get a flu shot program.

Try to be comprehensive while explaining this. Assure that you explain the possible dangers of the flu and why it is serious. Promote the convenience and ease of getting a flu shot at work. Health and wellness vision boards help establish employee accountability.

It keeps them on track with their wellness goals. Devise a strategy on which theme you want your employees to work out. Collect necessary information. Cut out images from magazines or newspapers for a more significant visual effect. If magazines do not suffice your requirements, you can Google out images.

Take a printout of things you'd like to post on your board. You can also use your pictures to add that personal touch. Suggested Read : 30 Health and Wellness Quotes to Inspire Wellness at the Workplace.

Ensure your employees reflect on your vision board. Be serious about how your health goals will help them achieve the desired results. Try to measure their daily progress by listing what they start doing in the next day, week, and month. It helps to get you in alignment with making your vision a reality.

It is an excellent way to launch your latest wellness initiatives. Raise awareness about health issues, and gain your employees' trust. Show that you care about their well-being. Suggested Read : Employee Health Fair Ideas To Make Your Event A Great One. Don't let your employees wait and get bored while queuing for a sign-up or toll booth.

You can set up video screens or hire some massage therapists for hand massages. You can also set up a photo booth with funny props for greater engagement. Suggested Read : Benefits of Corporate Massage Therapy on Employee Health.

Offer wellness rebates with exciting discounts. You can offer wellness products like yoga mats, water bottles, and swags. Pick a wellness theme to market your health fair. It helps employees focus on the kinds of activities and sponsors they want to include.

For example, Fitness Rockers, Health Is Wealth. Suggested Read : 7 Wellness Incentive Ideas To Boost Your Corporate Programs. You can interact with your employees with fun walks and talk meetings. It is the best way to make your employees move out of their usual comfort zone.

It is always courteous to inform everyone so that they prepare beforehand. This way, they can plan for it and carry any necessary items that they may need. Please keep the number of people in the meeting to four to get the most out of it.

You can also pair up attendees to make the discussion more productive. Encourage everyone to take part. Like all other work meetings, prior preparation is essential.

An agenda guides what you plan to go through during the session. Corporate wellness app equips organizations with tools and the latest technology. It helps in organizing, managing, and administering wellness programs.

It motivates employees to establish and maintain healthy lifestyle choices. Offer Vantage Fit, a mobile-first corporate wellness app. It helps in boosting your employee's physical activity. They help you shift your position after a regular interval of time.

It reduces prolonged sitting's side effects. Introducing standing desks in your workplace can help employees end back pain. Choose one that matches your employee's comfort. Modern offices and workplaces have come a long way in recent years. After embracing ergonomic furniture, bike desks are a new wellness trend.

Zumba helps to ton the body structure and reduces the pressure on joints. It is the perfect way to get your workforce in shape.

Isometric exercise is a simple and easy way to build. These exercises need zero equipment. You can perform in the gym, at home, at work, or on the road to progress toward your fitness goals. The outbreak of the COVID pandemic has brought the culture of adopting work from home policy. It keeps their employees safe and workflow intact.

Employers are trying hard to keep their employees active and productive. Even while they are working from home, here are some wellness program ideas for remote employees. Virtual activities allow you to follow a sweat session at your convenience.

It will enable fitness freaks to exercise at any time of the day. Companies have been offering virtual fitness classes for remote employees. You can conduct such sessions through Zoom or Google Meet. Various fitness companies offer virtual exercise sessions over their apps.

You can offer your employees subscriptions so they are as healthy and fit while at home. You can refer to various online resources to gain knowledge about fitness.

One such way is through YouTube. Encourage your employees to follow good fitness experts and maintain their health. Workplace Nutrition Counselling helps employees to get rid of their unhealthy eating habits. Telehealth allows individuals to:. Various corporate wellness companies provide services to make your employees happy.

One of the wells sought-after services is healthy snack supplies. To add a personal taste, you can make your meal box. Try to be creative with recipes that don't include junk! You can fill this void by organizing meetings over lunch via video conference.

It will make your employees feel good as they meet each other over lunch, even if it's virtual. They can discuss any critical matter or get involved in some fun chat. It is crucial to maintain a safe working environment. This means trying out every possible measure to boost employee health levels.

In this regard, digital software technology has made significant strides. One such example is Vantage Fit. It is a corporate wellness app that keeps track of the health status of your employees.

It has various features like. To boost employee engagement, you can incentivize your wellness campaigns. Try to offer corporate incentives like discounts on brands.

You can also use corporate apps like Vantage Perks for an easy process. Host team virtual meditation sessions via Zoom or Skype.

Start with some breathing exercises and end with chants and prayers. You can also play any guided meditation playlist to enhance your experience. It is a communication game where someone describes a picture.

Others have to draw what they hear. It leads to a good laugh when everyone shares their artwork. Employee goal-setting is a crucial responsibility for any manager. By setting measurable and attainable goals,.

An employer guides improvement in employee performance Help strengthen the business and Enhance its reputation as an employer of choice. wellness goals than vague ones. Admit that the management is not always perfect. There will be challenges, but make your expectations apparent.

That will prevent the employees from becoming frustrated at work. Also, inspect employee's expectations. Install checkpoints to track progress and tweak your expectations if necessary.

It will take a load of stress from your employees. Availing them on helpline platforms like call, email, or video conferencing. Attending to any queries can ease them to connect better with the institutions. Unlike office culture, with few minutes of enjoyable sneak peeks.

A work-from-home setup doesn't entertain any of them. It leaves the employees getting stressed over the thought of working long hours. So encouraging breaks without any terms and conditions is essential.

It will give them room to unplug from work. Arrange a comedy night for your employees as a stress buster. Ensure a friction-free experience for the employees to enjoy the performers. Inviting an expert to teach it to your employees is worth your while. Proper breathing technique alleviates. Workplace wellness challenges are a great way to encourage healthy living among employees.

The idea is to gamify health challenges and incentivize team members. To help them stick to their health and wellness goals. Challenges can take many forms. It depends on which area of health your team members are most committed to improving.

Don't limit yourself to physical fitness and diet, either. Mental health and financial wellness can also help employees feel good.

This challenge invites team members to forego driving to work in favor of biking. Ask employees to cycle or bike one day per week for six weeks. Not only is biking better for the environment, but it's also a great way to get moving and stay fit.

According to the UK National Cycling Survey, employees cycling to work take on average 1. There are many opportunities to sign up for 5K runs, especially when the weather is nice. Setting a fitness goal, like running a distance, can help employees get motivated. You can even download a step tracker app to log your progress—reward employees who complete the run with fitness points.

Invite them to challenge their peers, both within and outside the company. According to the ACE Fitness, completing a 5k run can burn calories for most adults. Please ensure you give employees the time they need to exercise, even if that means offering a more flexible schedule.

Do your employees feel a lazy afternoon slump at work? Are you looking for a quick way to warm up? Taking stairs is the best way to pump up for the day. Invite employees to take the stairs instead of the elevator every day for 30 days. Keep a chart at the top of the stairs where participants can put a checkmark every time they take the stairs.

Reward wellness incentives or offer them a healthy lunch. According to the Harvard Medical School, taking the stairs instead of the elevator burns up to 8 calories per flight. It's common knowledge that there are many health risks associated with smoking.

As one of the most addictive substances, cigarettes are a hard habit to shake. Aid those employees looking to quit smoking with a challenge. Start with a smoke cessation program. You can reward accomplishments with wellness incentives. Go to your warehouse and measure everybody in the office at once.

Try to lose weight and measure yourself regularly. It will be a joint effort. You can create a joint award for everybody when they progress.

For example, you can award the entire office with a corporate cookshop. They can learn some clever tricks for making their nutrition better. Suggested Read: Creating A Successful Office Weight Loss Challenge For Your Employees. Employee giving campaigns are a crucial part of many organizations' fundraising goals.

They mobilize philanthropic efforts from the inside out. Intramural soccer, a badminton league, or swimming at the local pool—there are many affordable ways to join sports in almost every city. You can encourage employees to create sports teams or join existing sports events.

Your company could even "sponsor" the teams by getting them logo jerseys. Try challenging employees to incorporate meditation into their healthy lifestyles. You can also offer lunchtime yoga classes as an engaging event.

Various meditation apps can help team members get started in their own free time. Check out apps like Headspace and Calm to get started. Learn which sports your employees enjoy playing and organize company-wide leagues.

If the idea lives, turn it into a cross-branch thing or compete with other companies. Having your employees participate in a company sports league creates a perfect bond and connection among your employees.

It can be beneficial both to the company and the employees. It's also a fun way to exercise and relieve stress from work. Plus, your employees will meet new people within the company and make new friends.

So, even if your wellness challenge isn't about diet and exercise, encourage employees to cultivate new hobbies. It could have as much of a positive effect on their wellness. Ask employees to challenge themselves to start that hobby they've always thought to take up, like picking up an instrument or taking an art class.

You can incentivize them by helping to subsidize the cost. Or you can help them connect with other people who work in your organization who might have a similar hobby. Nutrition plays an essential role in one's wellness journey. Here are some employee wellness program ideas to help you figure out your next nutrition program.

With virtual canteens, employees can book their meals. They can order their preferred food items at the click of a button without the hassle of standing in queues.

This way, employees can make the best use of their time, refuel, relax, and return to work with total productivity. A healthy diet and adequate nutrition consumption ensure optimal growth and development.

Good nutrition is a prerequisite for a healthy life, and it reduces the risk of chronic diseases. Every year, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics celebrates in March. This year's theme was "Eat Right, Bite by Bite. Encourage employees to calculate their daily water intake and stick to it.

Staying hydrated is essential for a healthy lifestyle, especially if your employees spend most of their time in dehydrating conditions. According to the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, employees provided with smart water bottles drink up to 2 more cups of water per day.

You can do the same cookbook in a friendly, inspirational way. Of course, you will need a creative person in the office who loves scrapbooking to help out. The idea is to make a fantastic go-to resource when people do not have any more ideas for their lunch for the following day.

Snacks during work hours usually come down to chocolate, sweets, chips, and other sodium and sugar-packed items. Offer your employees some mouth-watering, healthier options that are quick and easy to get. Offer your employees some nutritious meal options, ranging from:.

They offer natural, healthy food with traceable, affordable ingredients—making healthier food choices available links to reduced sick leave. It also increases productivity among employees.

When marketing your wellness initiatives, flyers and brochures come in handy. You can curate all the quick tips and ideas about healthy recipes and wellness FAQs. Also, try to print out catchy flyers and brochures and place them in a common area where it's easy to read.

You can even design your beautiful free Canva Templates or download some ideas from here. Suggested Read : 7 Best Health And Wellness Marketing Ideas To Boost Employee Engagement. So many veggies have so many fantastic properties.

Pick a super veggie every week and invite coworkers to share mouth-watering recipes. Many office workers would like to indulge in healthy eating habits. But they don't have inspirational ideas about creating lunch.

Create an idea board where everyone can put their favorite yummy healthy recipe. To make it even more fun and spice it up a bit, you can make a weekly contest out of it. Of course, the winners need to bring some of that tasty food for everybody to have a bite!

Food Standard for Australia and New Zealand Working Group found anxiety-triggering levels regarding caffeine. For adults, it is mg. Raise awareness about drinks that contain caffeine and invite coworkers to keep them under mg.

If you choose that your caffeine dosage is about to come from coffee or tea, make sure it's organic coffee from reliable suppliers. Treats result in a lot of sugary snacks that can cause a cavity. Making a healthy pumpkin treat is one way to enjoy a healthier alternative.

You may not have many Irish coworkers, but celebrating Patrick's Day is still a friendly theme, especially since it inspires your employees to eat healthy.

No employer can take workplace stress for granted. It is the number one reason that impacts your business, affecting the revenue. They miss the office culture, leading to depression and anxiety to work alone.

Managers play a crucial role in checking the mental health of their employees, ensuring they don't feel lonely while doing work. One way to check is by keeping communication free.

Letting the employees go out if urged or suggesting them to work in some co-working spaces. The Mental Health Toolkit is not fixed but rather an ongoing discovery process.

Through trial and error, you can determine what works best for you and your employees and when. No best feeling can compare if the boss recognizes his employee for a good deed in front of everyone. This enthusiasm can help the employee perform his task more often, be on the leaderboard, and get recognition.

Vantage Circle is one such example that is a trustworthy and dedicated employee engagement platform. They provide customized cloud-based recognition services. Free time is essential for an excellent work-life balance.

It is also the number one reason for employee wellness. Positive feedback does wonders for morale. So, celebrate all small victories and steps toward your employees' wellness goals.

In this way, everybody can focus on the good things they did and the things they generally do well. Timothy Sharp claims that is one of the keys to happiness.

Congratulate employees when they do their job well. Acknowledge the good things that your team achieved. Give them a chance to celebrate their success. Figure out some prizes to excite your employees and set up your company's version of 'The Biggest Loser.

Figure out the prizes with the rest of your employees. Let them be inspirational and worthwhile for your employees. Workplace bullying is often associated with workplace violence and misconduct. It can affect work performance and well-being.

Most times, these are not reported and, at times, not even recognized. Even verbal aggression is out of the question, no matter how 'funny' some people may find it.

To avoid office bullying and mobbing, talk against bullying through training programs. Create channels for employee-employer communications for issues such as this.

Employees who are too busy with work demands and responsibilities tend to skip sleep to work longer hours. They even find it hard to sleep. It tends to backfire as lack of sleep can have some severe consequences. Employees under 7 hours of sleep may feel sluggish and unproductive during the workday.

So, if your employees take longer to finish a task, they likely need more rest. Encourage your employees to learn more about good sleeping habits and how to introduce them into their daily routine. Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress.

Working together is success- Henry Ford. Planning a Lunch and Learn for the first time at your company can seem overwhelming. Click here for some simple, effective steps you can take to organize a great Lunch and Learn.

It can also be a place where you make suggestions and share ideas that can help improve the company or the quality of life for its employees. This is a special type of campaign which helps employees identify their financial goals and gives them access to tools and resources that help them manage their money more responsibly.

After all, the financial health of an employee is just as important as their physical and mental health. Have HR interview each employee in order to make them aware of this financial fitness service. If an employee is interested, then they can pursue it further.

One of the best financial fitness books out there is The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey. Corporate campaigns are a great way to notify employees about a topic that is important for them to know about. Some examples of these campaigns include healthy lifestyle campaigns, financial fitness campaigns, and safety campaigns.

However, your company should have a custom wellness campaign on any one of these important topics as it pertains to your work environment.

For example, if you own a construction company and you want to develop a custom campaign on safety, the campaign can teach or remind people how to be safe while working on a building. After all, workplace accidents and injuries are fairly common in many job industries.

Save your company from having to pay short term or long term disability payments to your employee by having a custom safety campaign that educates them in how to avoid these accidents. A lot of employees may have health insurance that is provided through the full-time job they have with your company.

Insurance companies offer this hotline as a way to help their clients make the right choice for getting treatment.

This costs insurance companies a lot of money, so they want to avoid this happening as much as possible. They do this by having these hour nurse hotlines available to help calm the person down and give them suggestions on how they can get the best help for their problem.

Make sure all your employees are aware of the nurse hotline number that corresponds with the insurance company that your organization uses. You could try using posters, flyers, a blurb in the company newsletter, or even an onsite employee wellness event with your insurance.

If employees are aware of the nurse hotline, they can get help quickly for their health issue without having to miss much work. But it is important that you get them to think about their health before it becomes neglected for too long.

The best way to do this is by designing and issuing customized assessments or surveys to all the employees within your organization.

Use surveys to ask employees their opinions on how to improve your worksite wellness program. Ask for their honest feedback or use surveys to measure and track employee morale and job satisfaction.

When they submit the survey, you will be able to get an overall sense of how happy and healthy your employees truly are. Then, you will know which areas to improve in the workplace so you can make more of your employees happy.

Health events happen in virtually every town and city in the United States and make great solutions for corporate wellness ideas. Make sure all your employees know about these local health events.

They could be events or healthy workplace initiatives for nutrition, fitness, marathon running, 5K competitions, and so on. Anything that helps get your employees active in their nutrition and health is something you should market to them. The more you advertise these events, the more it will get your employees involved in community events.

Newsletters are one of the most effective ways of providing wellness content to your employees. Create a permanent section in the newsletter that is solely devoted to wellness content and activities.

This could be content about anything health-related, such as nutrition, running, walking, healthy recipes, and so on. The great thing about written wellness content like this is that employees are more likely to look at it.

Just keep copies of the newsletter in the break room as well as the work area so it is readily available for them to pick up and read. If something in the newsletter appeals to them, they can just take the newsletter home and follow the corporate wellness ideas advice from there.

If they happen to know the person who was successful, that is even better. Employee success stories should be shared throughout the organization because it will help motivate other employees to work hard toward achieving the same kind of success that their coworker did.

These success stories could relate to weight loss, corporate promotions, weightlifting, sporting event wins, or other wellness activities that promote something successful that an employee did which pertains to their health and wellbeing.

Collect as many of these success stories as you can from your employees who can actually prove their success. If they went through a physical transformation, get them to submit a before and after photograph so the results can be seen clearly.

Publish these success stories in the company newsletter, website or as an advertisement on the bulletin board in the break room.

A big part of every effective employee wellness program is motivation. Competition can often motivate employees to go the extra mile when it comes to their health and wellness.

That is why you should create a challenge for your employees each month in an area of wellness that they can work toward. Perhaps you could create a challenge to see who can lose the most weight in a month, or even six months.

Just make it something that a lot of employees can participate in and have it relate to wellness in some way. Do this for every employee each time they win a competition. As more pictures get added to the Wall of Fame, more employees will be encouraged to try harder so they can get their name and picture on the Wall of Fame, too.

In order to be fair about these kind of corporate wellness ideas and activities, give informational materials about the challenges to all the employees in the company. These materials can be separate from the usual memo or newsletter.

All employees want to represent their company in some way that makes them proud. A lot of companies create recreational sporting teams in which their employees have the option to participate. These corporate recreational teams may end up playing the teams of other companies within your area.

Although these may not be professional sporting events, companies like to do this to advertise themselves and to simply add a little fun into the lives of their employees. The sports you choose for your employees to play are up to you.

However, if you plan on playing the teams of other companies, then you need to choose a sport that is commonly played by everyone. The most popular corporate sport is baseball, so you might want to consider forming an employee baseball team.

You can start off by dividing your employees into separate teams and then have them play against each other until there is one winning team. Overall, it will give your employees physical exercise while they get support from others. The best way to fight cancer is to treat it as early as possible.

That is why all employees within an organization need to be encouraged to get a cancer screening done on themselves. A cancer screening will be able to detect whether or not you have cancer before the symptoms even start.

This includes colon cancer, lung cancer, cervical cancer, and breast cancer. By promoting cancer screenings as wellness activities within your organization, employees can learn the truth about their internal health and put any worries to rest that they may have about having cancer.

But if they do end up having cancer, then they can get the proper treatment early on before the cancer spreads throughout their body and becomes inoperable. If your company has an Employee Assistance Program, then make sure your employees know about it. They could be stressed from having family problems, psychological disorders, grief, substance abuse problems, alcohol problems or any other problem that affects their mental state.

When employees are affected in this way, it affects the performance of their work at the company. That is why it is crucial that one of your corporate wellness ideas is to market the EAP services of your company so that employees who are having psychological issues can get the help they need right away.

At the same time, you will be increasing the productivity of your company because those employees will be getting the help they need to become happier and better workers. A company that truly cares about the physical wellbeing of their employees is one that makes onsite fitness classes available to them.

The problem is that most people who have never had experience with exercise and fitness are very hesitant to attempt it.

Host a Session on How to Create a Health and Wellness Program for Businesses Kicking Sugar or Eating More Whole Foods Host a Health or Exercise Challenge

Sample Wellness Events - Productivity Audit Host a Session on How to Create a Health and Wellness Program for Businesses Kicking Sugar or Eating More Whole Foods Host a Health or Exercise Challenge

But the most impressive part is its Olympic-sized swimming pool. And a rock-climbing wall! All on the office site — to promote employee wellness! According to a report by the U. Department of Labor and the U. businesses offer corporate wellness programs.

Why are companies including wellness programs in their priorities? The statistics speak for themselves:. However, the concept goes far beyond the absence or presence of a disease.

Wellness is a way of life. IncentFit defines it as an active practice of activities, choices, and lifestyles that lead someone to a state of complete well being. Moreover, wellness is multi-dimensional. It commands about eight dimensions for you to achieve wellness goals. Physical wellness is all about taking care of your body and physical health.

It involves regular exercise and physical activity, a balanced diet, and good sleep. This area of physical health and wellness also includes weight management, ergonomics, tobacco use, disease, and disease prevention. Be it dealing with stress or nurturing positive emotions, emotional intelligence helps one achieve greater well being.

Adopting practices to strengthen your emotional wellness can help in stress reduction. Intellectual wellness is all about recognizing your intellect and strengths while finding ways to promote personal development.

Staying curious, experimenting with new ideas, and skill development help in mind stimulation and enhance your critical thinking. Forming and maintaining a supportive network and maintaining healthy relationships come under social wellness. Taking steps to boost social wellness enhances your emotional well being and improves overall happiness.

It involves being empathetic and developing meaningful connections with your social circle. Understanding your environmental responsibility and creating healthy and sustainable living surroundings comes under environmental wellness.

It includes making sound eco-friendly choices and maintaining a space that relieves stress and keeps you happy, safe, and motivated. Poor finances are often a cause of stress. Financial wellness ensures wise money management to make informed financial decisions. Having control over your regular expenses and setting practical financial goals can help with stress reduction.

We spend a better portion of our lives working, so it should be well-spent. Occupational wellness is about finding meaning, purpose, and overall job satisfaction in your work. It includes maintaining work life balance so that it may relieve stress in your work life.

Employee wellness programs are structured wellness initiatives designed by a company to promote holistic wellness and healthier lifestyles in employees.

Imagine a bunch of thoughtful and personalized health benefits that can promote various dimensions of wellness. They may include employee activities , guided support programs, health screenings , massage therapy, an on-site fitness center, and more.

Employee wellness programs are increasingly becoming an integral part of a company culture. Here are the benefits a well-planned corporate wellness program can offer:. You must have noticed young companies and startups are embracing the new work culture and allowing their employees flexible working hours.

Moreover, employees today are far more concerned about work-life balance than the older generations. Flexible working arrangements may also include remote working or a hybrid work model. It allows employees to focus on their priorities while managing their work commitments.

It is important that you ensure that you implement the right workplace wellness programs for your organization, as opposed to getting caught in the flavour-of-the-day trap.

If you have some strategies to share — comment on this posting! Corporate Wellness E-briefs. Building A Well Workplace — Four Reasons Why Health Promotion Makes Good Business Sense. Corporate Wellness Programs — A Business Case. Workplace Wellness: Critical Questions In Putting Wellness Programs Together.

Workplace Wellness: Measuring Wellness Outcomes. Workplace Wellness: 5 Reasons Why Excellent Programs Fail.

Boosting Your Wellness Programs To The Next Level. Skip to main content. Click To Tweet. You may have heard of challenges like Tech Crunch or the 48 Hour Film Challenge in which participants are asked to create a new product or service within a given amount of time.

The end results are presented before the crowd and a panel of judges, with the best ones winning amazing prizes. Use a similar wellness event tailored to your industry on a smaller scale to bring challenge and harmony to your attendees.

Just make sure you diagram your event layout effectively to account for all of the extra movement. Having a certified yogi on hand for your wellness events can help capitalize on the phenomenon. The feeling of mindfulness will result in a happy crowd who will associate the spirit of your yoga station with your event as whole.

Breakfast buffets can include things like egg white omelettes, fruit, and granola. Serving lunch? Look no further than the salad. And for dinner, serve up some sautéed veggies and protein. Your guests and their stomachs!


Top 4 Employee Wellness Program Examples One way to encourage your employees Sample packs library Sample Wellness Events Evenrs lives is to EEvents Sample Wellness Events budget for nutrition and healthy living. Here are some other ideas for fun, healthy contests:. But it is important that you get them to think about their health before it becomes neglected for too long. May 9, at am. Emil Shour says:. 8 Examples of Wellness Programs Employees Will Love

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