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Recipe: What to Cook Today. There are plenty of fillings that can be added to a breakfast burrito, but the base concept is the same: Take a tortilla, fill it with scrambled eggs, beans, sausage, cheese, and any other ingredients you care to incorporate, roll it up, then give it a quick bake in the oven so that the cheese melts.

Not a bad way to start the day, right? Recipe: The Modern Proper. Sate your inner gourmet by toasting a slice of bread, cutting a hole in the center, laying the toast in a frying pan, and cooking an egg inside the hole.

Recipe: Food Network. Doctoring up bowl of oatmeal is an easy and economical way to start the day. A spoonful of maple syrup or honey and a sprinkling of cinnamon adds a touch of sweetness — without all the sugar and sodium of instant oatmeal packets.

Looking for inspiration? Check out our roundup of creative oatmeal ideas. Quinoa isn't just for savory salads. You can also turn the affordable ingredients into the main focus of a protein-packed breakfast bowl. Top it with slices of avocado, an egg any way you like it, some greens, and a little bit of hot sauce.

Recipe: Eat with Clarity. If you have a hankering for protein but only 10 minutes to spare, opt for soft-boiled eggs and "soldiers. Recipe: Budget Bytes. A newly traditional American breakfast is the simple toasted bagel. Up the flavor and protein with a schmear of peanut butter and jelly or cream cheese.

Related: The Best Bagel Shops Across America. An interesting and easy twist on the morning meal is toast, fried egg, and sliced avocado. This green fruit may be pricey out of season fall to spring , but during summer, avocados are plentiful, affordable, and brimming with healthy fat and nutrients.

A touch of cayenne pepper adds a kick. Recipe: Feel Good Foodie. Looking for more inspiration? Check out these creative avocado recipes. Sure, it's another oatmeal recipe, but overnight oats allow for a creamier texture than your usual bowl of oats made that morning.

It's also highly customizable: Just add rolled oats, milk or a dairy-alternative, yogurt, and a sweetener to a mason jar, then let it soak overnight. Add your favorite fruits, nuts, and other toppings in the morning, and you're ready to go.

Recipe: Downshiftology. For a cheap and fast restaurant-quality breakfast , rehydrate dried strawberries, toast a waffle, and ladle on the fruit.

Fresh berries are always an option but cost more — especially out of season. Tip: To achieve the fluffiest waffles, go Belgian style. This ceramic waffle maker comes highly rated and would make an excellent gift for any breakfast lover.

Recipe: Allrecipes. For another take on oatmeal, stir in a spoonful of Nutella and top with sliced banana. The sweet hazelnut spread might seem pricey, but each jar holds about 20 servings. And a banana is one of the best cheap additions to an already hearty dish.

Just half will suffice; the other half can be eaten with lunch or thrown in a smoothie. Recipe: Simply Scratch. Looking for more creative things to add to your oatmeal besides Nutella? Check out these other peanut butter alternatives and delicious spreads. Scramble an egg or two with a touch of green onion and garlic for a cheap and protein-rich breakfast.

A single green onion should suffice for up to three servings, and a clove of garlic goes a long way. Mixing in a tablespoon of Greek yogurt adds fluffiness and five grams of protein.

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Missing 1. McDonald's: BOGO for 50 Cents Breakfast Sandwiches · 2. Chick-fil-A: $4 Chicken Biscuit · 3. Dunkin': $2 Coffee · 4. Taco Bell: $6 Bell 33 Cheap, Easy Breakfast Ideas to Start the Day Right · Fuel Your Morning · English Muffin With Hummus · Rice Porridge · Breakfast Burrito · Egg

15 Healthy Breakfasts You Can Make for Under $2


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Affordable breakfast combos - No-Cook Breakfast Recipes · Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie · Apple Pie Overnight Oats · Muesli · Chocolate Coffee Breakfast Smoothie. $ each Missing 1. McDonald's: BOGO for 50 Cents Breakfast Sandwiches · 2. Chick-fil-A: $4 Chicken Biscuit · 3. Dunkin': $2 Coffee · 4. Taco Bell: $6 Bell 33 Cheap, Easy Breakfast Ideas to Start the Day Right · Fuel Your Morning · English Muffin With Hummus · Rice Porridge · Breakfast Burrito · Egg

Baking a dozen muffins may seem time consuming, but a handful of ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen quickly transforms into breakfast for the week.

Store the extras in the freezer and zap them in the microwave before heading out to class. Take one of your dozen eggs and fry an egg in a bagel instead of putting your fried egg on top of your bagel.

Home Extra Crispy 13 Cheap Breakfasts for Broke College Students. Extra Crispy Logo. By Amy Schulman Updated February 13, Send Text Message.

EC: 13 Cheap Breakfasts for Broke College Students. Credit: Photo by H. Armstrong Roberts. Credit: photo by ivan abrams via getty images. Credit: Photo by the washington post via getty images. Credit: photo by the washington post via getty images. Credit: photo by bloomberg via getty images.

Credit: photo courtesy of flickr user beauty experts. Credit: photo by ullstein bild via getty images. Credit: photo by alex tepper. Credit: photo courtesy of flickr user thebittenword. Credit: photo by michael marcelle. This easy crowd-friendly hack helps cook your bacon in a snap and gets it nice and crispy.

A little brown sugar and black pepper make this bacon oh-so-good. No breakfast list is complete without a hash brown casserole, and this one is killer. One of our editors loved it so much, she made it two weekends in a row; it's that good. Finally, we've discovered a new use for those boxed freezer waffles!

Be sure to drizzle this big-batch waffle bake with lots of syrup. Make the most of those fresh summer peaches and brighten up your coffee cake with this recipe—it's meant for warm days. Nobody can resist homemade scones, and breakfast pastries packed with fresh peach bites are always perfection.

The rest of your day will be peachy keen from the moment you bite into one of these delicately delicious scones. Each quiche feeds six people, so if you have a crowd, make an assembly line, and turn out several quiches to feed the masses.

You can also make these in advance and freeze until the big day. Lighten up the breakfast spread with a big bowl of fresh fruit salad. Feel free to use any varieties that are in season. This frittata is an entire breakfast packed into one skillet.

Just slice and serve—it doesn't get much easier than that. You've got your meat, potatoes, and eggs, all in one dish. What more could you want? Roll these two-bite muffins in cinnamon and sugar, and they'll be a perfect accompaniment to any breakfast casserole.

The recipe makes 2 dozen, but these mini muffins are so delicious, you may want to double the batch. This breakfast casserole is easily sliceable, with distinct layers of sausage and egg.

Plus, it can all be made in the slow cooker. Nobody can resist sweet cinnamon buns, but we think it's time to introduce their savory counterpart: the Sausage-Stuffed Honey Bun. With a sausage filling and a honey glaze, this little bun is essentially an entire meal.

This breakfast cake is the perfect way to round out a big-batch brunch full of eggs and bacon. Serve with ice cream or whipped cream and fresh blueberries!

Yes, we did just say you can have ice cream for breakfast! Instead of portioning out individual pancakes, bake them all into a casserole for easy serving. A cinnamon streusel topping elevates this big-batch breakfast dish.

The best way to capture any Southerner's heart is through a big batch of shrimp and grits. Served family-style, this casserole will be on the table in under an hour. In addition to the savory ham and sweet corn, this casserole is packed with lots of Cheddar cheese.

It serves eight and is just bursting with flavor. Fresh blueberries bring pops of light, juicy flavor to this impressive pancake casserole. You'll be making this crowd-friendly dish again and again. Biscuits and gravy may look intimidating, but this classic recipe is surprisingly easy to master.

Stick to a great buttermilk biscuit recipe and you're bound to succeed. If you're looking for a lighter option to add to the breakfast spread, this big-batch baked oatmeal is the best solution.

Packed with fresh apples, pecans, and other warm flavors, this is a good-for-you breakfast that will help you start your day off right.

This recipe may look fancy, but the biscuits bake as a big batch, so all you have to do is slice them in half and add the fried chicken.

Plus, the rosemary hot honey comes together in the microwave. It's like the fast food breakfast that you will love, in the comfort of your own home. Add a little flair to your brunch spread with this Huevos Rancheros Bake.

With a base of corn tortillas and sunny-side eggs adorning the casserole, this breakfast dish is sure to please. No breakfast spread is complete without crispy potatoes and griddled meat, and this Country Ham Hash knocks both those items off the list.

All you need is to fry up some eggs and you have a complete breakfast your whole family will love. Who said tater tots are just for kids? These delightful potato puffs can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike—especially in this cheesy breakfast casserole.

Big-batch cinnamon rolls that you can make in the slow cooker? Sounds like a brunch dream. This recipe also starts with a can of refrigerated biscuits, so it doesn't get easier than this! Whenever we're hosting breakfast for a crowd, we keep a loaf of this apple bread on the counter for our guests to snack on.

With fresh apples and applesauce, this bread is just bursting with fresh apple flavor. You can never go wrong with a loaf of banana bread—serve slices as a breakfast "appetizer. Bread pudding doesn't have to be for dessert.

We're making this sweet, nutty bread pudding on for all of our morning holiday celebrations. No breakfast gathering is complete without a loaf of coffee cake. You'll want to bookmark this staple recipe.

Make a few different scone flavors to offer a selection to your guests, and feel free to cut them into bite-sized triangles for a big-batch snack. Enjoy with a cup of tea or coffee and a variety of your favorite jams. In the fall, we're crazy for pumpkin spice, and these subtly sweet muffins are a great seasonal breakfast option.

The streusel on top makes this recipe one of our absolute favorites. Dripping with golden caramel and stewed apples, this coffee cake is a great way to conclude your brunch for a crowd. Yes, this recipe needs both our streusel topping and caramel sauce to be totally and utterly unforgettable.

Make this crowd-pleasing pull-apart bread to earn rave reviews at your next event. A breakfast pie made from a buttery grits crust topped with eggs, savory ham, green onions, and loads of cheese, is always a good idea.

This easy-to-love dish is simple to make and it's an excellent breakfast-for-dinner option! A reader-favorite breakfast casserole, this recipe can be prepared in advance, stored in the refrigerator overnight, and baked the next morning. In just an hour, you'll have a flavorful meal that feeds a hungry family.

Yes, we did it. We combined pralines and French toast. And it's every bit as good as you think it would be. If you love it for dinner , you'll love it for breakfast.

French bread, corn tortillas, chicken, cheese, and plenty of flavors combine to make reigning King Ranch Breakfast Strata the ultimate make-ahead breakfast casserole.

Every good plan needs a solid foundation. You can't go wrong with a base "crust" made from baked grits loaded with melted cheese and crispy bacon. This is one of those mouthwatering breakfast dishes that's well worth the planning.

Chill in your fridge so the French bread has time to soak up the butter, Parmesan, and Swiss cheese, chicken broth, white wine, and sour cream. Milk and fresh corn kernels turn this classic Southern dish into a light, fluffy, cheesy soufflé. As one reviewer says it's "definitely a keeper. It might take a little extra work to create a special treat, but these cinnamon rolls are certainly worth it.

Covered in a dreamy glaze, you will never want to have a store-bought cinnamon roll ever again.

Affordable breakfast combos commbos Search. These fun yogurt pops Cheaper food supplies with fresh Affordable breakfast combos breakfasr a great on-the-go Affordable breakfast combos for a busy morning--perfect for kids and adults alike. I would cmbos toast, eggs, and oatmeal are the cheapest breakfast food options available. You may accept or manage your choices by clicking below, including your right to object where legitimate interest is used, or at any time in the privacy policy page. Credit: photo by the washington post via getty images. If you found this post helpful, let us know! Who doesn't love a good pie?

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